Blue Bloods spinoff reportedly in the works ahead of series finale

It looks like the Reagan storyline may not be over after all.
Season 14 Blue Bloods Key art
Season 14 Blue Bloods Key art /

Blue Bloods is unpredictable. Not only in terms of what happens in the show itself, but what will happen to the show when the current season ends. The actors want it to keep going, and CBS has made it clear that they want it to end. The showrunner, Kevin Wade, doesn't want to do a spinoff, and now, the network is considering running out a spinoff!

On June 4, Paramount Global co-CEO Brian Robbins talked about the benefits of spinoffs, and hinted at the possibility that Blue Bloods may be the latest to receive one. "In TV, new franchise extensions are coming for Dexter, Billions, and Blue Bloods," Robbins noted. "CBS’ hit Fire Country shows huge promise." The mention of Blue Bloods, in particular, turned heads.

Paramount co-CEO teased a potential spinoff

Dropping Bombs
“Dropping Bombs” – Danny and Baez join forces with Danny’s old partner, Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito), when a serial killer reappears. Also, Eddie faces backlash whens she tries to help a woman who accuses a sergeant of rape; Jamie clashes with his nephew, Joe Hill (Will Hochman), when Joe interferes with Jamie’s undercover operation; and Frank is blindsided when Mayor Chase publicly suggests bringing back a Commission of Police, on BLUE BLOODS, Friday, Feb. 23 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on /

Technically, Blue Bloods is not a franchise beyond its singular title. Dexter was revived, and Fire Country has already confirmed plans to launch multiple spinoffs over the next few years. It's difficult to imagine Robbins would mention one that didn't have some sort of continuation planned, however, as a prime example of a franchise that had spinoff potential.

Robbins did not make any formal announcements, nor did he reveal whether any potential spinoffs would be slated for CBS or the Paramount Plus streaming service, but this tease has inspired hope in the hearts of Blue Bloods fans.

Someone who may be less than thrilled by the network's potential decision, however, is Kevin Wade. As we previously alluded to, the showrunner shot down the idea of spinoff on the basis that the show is about the Reagan family, and not the "initials" or organization of police officers.

Blue Bloods boss previously shot down the idea

"You can't replicate the family," Wade told Pop Culture. "You could take the idea of a law enforcement family in another city, obviously, but Blue Bloods is kind of a one-off, starting with Tom Selleck." The actors are a bit more open to the idea of a continuation.

Donnie Wahlberg recently went on the Drew Barrymore Show to promote Blue Bloods, and he said he'd like to see the franchise survive in some capacity. "Maybe there’s still some way that it’ll end up surviving and carrying on in a different way."

What would you prefer? A definitive ending or an ongoing story?

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