Blue Bloods stars reflect on cancelation: "[We're] upset and sad"

The stars of the long-running show don't want it to end.
Blue Bloods on CBS
Blue Bloods on CBS /

Blue Bloods really does seem like it's ending. There's been campaigning on the part of fans and stars like Tom Selleck, but truthfully, CBS hasn't done anything to suggest that it's considering bringing the show. It's a sad realization, and one that the cast have been pretty vocal about struggling with.

Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan-Boyle, talked about this struggle during a recent spot on The Drew Barrymore Show. She appeared alongside co-star and onscreen brother, Donnie Wahlberg, and admitted that she does not want to see Blue Bloods come to an end so soon. When asked to put words to the way they were feeling, Moynahan and Wahlberg said "upset and sad."

Moynahan laments the end of the Blue Bloods "family"

There's definitely something to be said for knowing about a cancelation ahead of time, so that the writers and cast members can best determine have to end the show, but the point stands that the stars feel like there's more story to be told.

Part of the reason Moynahan has had such a difficult time during the making of the final season is the realization that the family she's built up over the last decade and a half will, effectively, cease to exist:

"I think it's more saying goodbye to the people behind the characters. We've created such a family on set with each other and the crew — most of the crew's been with us for 14 years, so we've been through a lot of weddings, births, deaths, and everything."

Moynahan and Wahlberg will miss working with each other

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Erin Reagan-Boyle is Moynahan's signature character, and it has allowed her to branch out into different avenues of artistry. She penned a cookbook themed about the Blue Bloods family scenes, and even directed an episode of the show in season 14. Moynahan also made sure to commend her onscreen brother, Wahlberg, for being her "biggest supporter" over the years.

The faux sibling bond apparently spilled over into real life, as Wahlberg encouraged her to venture out into directing. "She's been lights out, phenomenal," Wahlberg told the host. "She's so… When you do what we do, you just know, and she just stepped right in and is so good."

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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