Chicago Fire adds New Kids on the Block star Joey McIntyre to cast

We're getting a guest star before the end of the season!
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We didn't see this coming! Chicago Fire has set up lots of subplots involving its established cast of characters, but it looks as though the writers decided to add even more drama to the mix. According to People Magazine, the show will be adding New Kids on the Block star Joey McIntyre to the cast for a special one-off appearance.

The outlet reported that McIntyre will play Lorenzo, a firefighter at a competing station. We've never met the character before, but evidently, he has a long-standing rivalry with 51 veterans Tony (Anthony Ferraris) and Capp (Randy Flagler) that will manifest in trying to set the record for the "fastest rescue squad pull." It's nothing serious, it's more of a playful competition. Lorenzo is no villain.

McIntyre will play a firefighter from a rival station

One Chicago did a great job of keeping McIntyre's casting under wraps until this week, which is when the episode in which he'll appear, "Under Pressure." It was actually the singer himself who broke the news via Instagram. He posted photos with Ferraris, Flagler, and the rest of the Chicago Fire cast. Unsurprisingly, it was all smiles on the set.

It's no surprise that McIntyre wound up on a high-profile drama like Chicago Fire. The singer/actor has landed roles on CSI: NY and Fuller House in the past. The part that's surprising is that he wound up on Chicago Fire before Blue Bloods! The police procedural stars McIntyre's fellow New Kids on the Block bandmate, Donnie Wahlberg, who has been trying to get him a cameo for years. He called it a "bucket list" item.

McIntyre recived support from Donnie Wahlberg

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Wahlberg voiced his desire to act alongside McIntyre as recently as March 2024. He told SiriusXM that McIntyre was his dream pick for a Blue Bloods guest star, and posited that he would play another cop. “I've been trying to get Joey to do it," Wahlberg told the host. "It's a no-brainer for Joey to do it. I'm sure he'd be willing if it's the right part."

Wahlberg may not get his wish, as Blue Bloods is coming to an end soon, but he was thrilled to see McIntyre snag the Chicago Fire gig. The former took to the comment section of McIntyre's Fire post and wrote, "Let's go!"

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