Chicago Fire, Blue Bloods alum Treat Williams snubbed by Oscars In Memoriam tribute

While the Oscars did include a nod to Treat Williams in its In Memoriam package, the Academy Awards failed to honor the late actor.

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The 96th Annual Academy Awards paid tribute to some of the many talented stars we've lost in the last year during the Oscars' annual In Memoriam segment. As Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo Bocelli performed a rendition of "Time to Say Goodbye," the Oscars honored those we've lost in the last 12 months... or at least most of them.

With only so much time for the package, the Oscars producers attempted to avoid direct exclusions by including a brief tribute to a number of artists in the closing moments of the In Memoriam package. As the tribute segment came to a close, the names of several late actors appeared including Kenneth Anger, Terence Davies, Carl Davis, Frederic Forrest, Norman Lear, David McCallum, Cormac McCarthy, Sinead O’Connor, Lance Reddick, Paolo Taviani, and Burt Young.

Also included in the wrap-up tribute was the late Treat Williams, who failed to secure a place in the main In Memoriam tribute and was included in the rushed mashup that has left many disappointed. You can watch the In Memoriam tribute from the 96th Oscars below:

While Williams was best known for his work in TV with iconic performances in series such as Everwood, Chesapeake Shores, Blue Bloods, and Chicago Fire, the late actor was no stranger to the world of cinema.

Williams appeared in dozens of movies during the span of his career making his acting debut in 1975’s Deadly Hero. His additional credits include roles in films including Deep Rising, Hair, The Phantom, Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, Second Act, and 127 Hours. 

His final cinematic role came in 2023’s crime mystery American Outlaws, which follows three siblings as they take matters into their own hands by going on a cross-country come spree when facing jail time.

There are always some disappointing oversights in the In Memoriam segment at the Oscars, but that never makes them easier to accept. At least the Oscars made an attempt to include Williams and a handful of additional late stars in the segment via the group tribute page at the In Memoriam's final moments.

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