Chicago Fire-related show canceled by NBC after one season

The network pulled the plug on a Dick Wolf-produced doc series.

5th Annual NBC Chicago Press Day
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Chicago Fire is the show that launched tons of spinoffs. Some successful, like Chicago Med and PD, and others, like Chicago Justice, not so much. L.A. Fire and Rescue was a different strain of spinoff, in that it was only loosely related in terms of theme and content, but it too has fallen victim to the single season curse.

L.A. Fire and Rescue was not part of the One Chicago universe, but it relied on its connection to the firefighting drama during its rollout. It was produced by One Chicago mastermind Dick Wolf, and its biggest promotional video involved Chicago Fire star David Eigenberg chatting with real life L.A. firefighters.

L.A. Fire and Rescue has been canceled

Eigenberg praised the efforts of the Captain Dan Olivas, while the latter reciprocated by stating that Eigenberg did an exemplary job of portraying a fictional firefighter on Chicago Fire. Alas, the interest was not able to be sustained, and NBC pulled the plug on L.A. Fire and Rescue along with the game show Hot Wheels.

According to Deadline, the decision was made to allow room for NBC's current slate of shows, and the upcoming Olympic Games. It appears as though the ratings for L.A. Fire and Rescue simply failed to justify its ongoing production.

The show was produced by Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf
Ice-T Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

It's a shame, because the log line of the show was intriguing:

"The series documents real calls and real drama while giving faces to the passionate firefighters who risk their lives in the name of service. These real-life heroes and their compelling stories are told alongside the unpredictable dangers they face on the front lines of life and death."

This is not entirely shocking, however. There have been lots of shows getting the axe in recent months, largely due to complications brought about by the Hollywood strikes. Shows were forced to delay production, and by the time showrunners and actors were able to get back to work, networks decided that the ends no longer justified the means.

Various One Chicago actors spoke on the difficulties of this process, and despite being consistent ratings earners for NBC, none of the three shows have yet to be renewed for additional seasons. We hope to see this change in the next couple of months.

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