Chicago Fire star teases dangerous stunt in new Instagram video

The NBC drama is known for cool stunts but this one looks particularly explosive.
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Never, Ever Make a Mistake" Episode 1120 -- Pictured: Jake Lockett as Carver --
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Never, Ever Make a Mistake" Episode 1120 -- Pictured: Jake Lockett as Carver -- /

Sam Carver has become the resident daredevil on Chicago Fire. The character has been through some traumatic incidents involving fire, and he has the scars to prove it, but he continues to be the one who charges head first into building blazes in order to save lives.

Carver's fearlessness is part of what makes him such a fascinating character. The impulsiveness that gets him into trouble with his superiors (and sometimes even the law) is the very thing that makes him such an asset in an emergency situation. A new Instagram teaser shows that nothing has changed in season 12.

Carver navigates a devastating fire in Chicago Fire season 12

The teaser was uploaded to the Wolf Entertainment profile, and sees the actor who plays Carver, Jake Lockett, pose for the camera while explosions go off in the background. It's a pretty massive explosive, but Lockett, in true Carver form, is undeterred and even makes a few silly faces for the camera.

The official One Chicago teaser alluded to a dangerous building fire, and there were even a few shots of Carver carrying the unconscious body of a woman. It's unclear whether the building fire in the teaser and the fire in the Instagram video are one in the same, but we know that the building fire eventually explodes.

We doubt Carver will be in any real danger, though. As we previously stated, the departure of several long-running cast members in season 12 means that Carver is more important to the 51 lineup than ever.

During a 2023 interview with TVLine, Chicago Fire showrunners Andrea Newman and Derek Haas gushed about Lockett as an actor, and why he's proven to be such an exciting addition to the cast:

""We’re just huge fans of his. He brings a lot of presence and gravitas to the role, and he’s also funny. It’s that rare lightning-in-a-bottle thing we look for on this show, because we cross so many different genres, and so if you can do it all, that’s gold.""

The showrunners also noted that the mystery surrounding Carver is part of his baseline appeal. There will be more revealed about him in season 12, but that doesn't mean he will be easier to figure out. "He brings in a lot of mystery to the firehouse that makes people start spinning a bit," Newman added. "So he’s going stir things up."

Chicago Fire is already going to be pretty stirred up given all the cast turnover, so we're ready for whatever the showrunners (and Lockett) have in store for us!

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