Chicago Fire stars post heartfelt tributes to Kara Killmer after exit

The cast members have made it clear they're going to miss her.

NBC's "One Chicago" Press Day
NBC's "One Chicago" Press Day / Timothy Hiatt/GettyImages

Sylvie Brett is now a former employee of firehouse 51. She got married to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and went off to Oregon to start her new life. The episode that chronicled this massive change, "Port in the Storm", was a satisfying one, but it also left some fans feeling sad.

Sylvie Brett has, after all, been a part of the show for almost a decade. The bond that fans have with the character is obviously shared by the rest of the Chicago Fire cast, as several of them took to social media to post heartwarming messages for the actress who plays her: Kara Killmer.

Miranda Rae Mayo teased Killmer's return

Miranda Rae Mayo treated fans to a series of candid photos collected over the last nine years. These photos include Killmer and Mayo messing around on the set, or hanging out outside of work hours. It was the past one, of the two actresses hugging, that really hit fans emotionally.

Mayo included a short but sweet Instagram caption that hinted at a possible return for Killmer's character:

"The blessing and miracle that is @karebearacares. I know this won’t be the last time we see you at 51. See you soon sister."

A possible return is nothing too shocking, given that Killmer previously told outlets that she would be open to reprising Brett for a cameo or two down the line. The most touching social media tribute, however, came from the man who plays her onscreen husband, Jesse Spencer.

Jesse Spencer praised Killmer's presence

Spencer hopped on Twitter the day Killmer's final episode aired, and praised the actress for creating an indelible Chicago Fire character:

"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you @karakillmer. You are a scholar and a pro. Thank you for the good times and bad.Your presence at this ol’ firehouse will be missed."

Spencer officially left the show in season 10, but his continued involvement in a reduced capacity gives fans hope that a similar plan can be worked out with Killmer.

Either way, we can take solace in the fact that Brett and Casey have gotten their happily ever after, and are safe and sound with their family in Oregon!

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