Chicago Med star Torrey DeVitto announces pregnancy

The One Chicago alum is having a daughter!
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Natalie Manning made a huge personal step during her final appearance on Chicago Med. The character reunited with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), and went off to start their life together in Seattle. Now, the actress who plays Manning, Torrey DeVitto is embarking on a new chapter of her own.

The actress announced that she was expecting her first child with fiance Jared LaPine. "Baby girl arriving this November," she wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself and LaPine. DeVitto's career has been quieter then usual since leaving Chicago Med, which she talked about during a 2023 interview with Wondermind.

DeVitto broke the news on Instagram

She told the outlet that she'd been spending more time with family, and prioritizing personal strides rather than professional ones. "I feel like I’ve been more connected with my family and nature with the strike going on and having so much downtime," she explained.

DeVitto also talked about the ways in which she feels she's improved her life through meditation. "There's still a piece there that you're meant to work on and grow from, so be grateful that it's coming up," she noted. "I try to look at like all my little missteps in my mental health journey as, I'm actually very grateful for that because it's showing me where I still need to heal."

DeVitto and Jared LaPine got engaged in 2023

Torrey DeVitto
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DeVitto and LaPine met through mutual friends, and unveiled their engagement to the rest of the world last Labor Day. A source close to the couple told People it was a complete surprise to the Chicago Med actress. “It was a big surprise," they said. "Even though they had talked about it someday, she didn’t know it was happening that week at all."

The couple have not yet announced when they plan to get married. “They are not planning the wedding just yet," another source asserted. "But she is eager to start."

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