Chicago PD preview: What to expect in season 11 episode 6

Old Voight makes a return in this installment, but will it a be good thing?

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Survival" Episode 11006 -- Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)
CHICAGO P.D. -- "Survival" Episode 11006 -- Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC) /

Chicago PD is always better when it uses all the characters because each has different strengths and thus they bring something to the table. We've had a character-centric past couple of episodes and as a result, many have been missing here and there.

The episode's logline also teases something exciting as it reads: Intelligence teams up with ASA Chapman to take on an abduction case involving a teenager. The case hits close to home for Voight, leading him to take a personal interest in finding justice for the victim.

Old Voight returns!

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) has become passive in the last few years. He lacks the fire he once had, delegating a lot of the work he used to do himself to others. The episode's promo video and images tease a return to the past as Voight takes charge of the investigation.

Keeping up with his soft spot for women and children, this case is the perfect thing for Voight because it involves a teenager and he would move mountains for young victims. The case is a tough one to crack since the team does not have any leads and the victim's chances of being found alive diminish with every passing minute. Will they find him in time?

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The nature of the crimes matches several others that have happened and all evidence points to it being a targeted kidnapping. It is a truly deprived manner of abduction that sees the abductor knock the victim on the head until they lose consiousness.

The team works together to find the missing teenager.

Chicago P.D. - Season 11
CHICAGO P.D. -- "Survival" Episode 11006 -- Pictured: (l-r) Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton, La Royce Hawkins as Kevin Atwater -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC) /

As mentioned before, the team has not been the same since NBC decided to limit the screen time of some of the characters by having actors appear in fewer episodes. It has been a pattern of half-convincing explanations as to why someone is absent but the effect has been the same nonetheless.

This episode sees a significant part of the team working together to find the missing teenager. Hailey, Kim, Torres, Voight, and Kevin are seen with Ruzek being the only one missing.

The hour promises a lot of action as the team goes to extreme trials from dark buildings to car chases to find and bring the victim home safely. The team-up with ASA Chapman is also bound to birth something interesting because it's not every day that she interferes with the team's work.

Chicago P.D. season 11 episode 6 "Survival" airs this Wednesday at 10 p.m on NBC.

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