Donnie Wahlberg may have accidentally spoiled Blue Bloods' series finale

The actor posted a potentially revealing phot on social media.
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Donnie Wahlberg is a huge Blue Bloods fan. The actor has been the most vocal champion of the show, though his co-star, Tom Selleck, has certainly given him a run for his money in recent months. Wahlberg wants to ensure that the final season of the police drama is special for the fans, and he's made sure of this by posting behind-the-scenes photos on social media.

These photos are nothing new. Wahlberg has even shared videos of himself walking around the set of Blue Bloods prior to filming a scene at the Reagan dinner table. What made the actor's recent post a little different, though, was the information it potentially spoiled.

Wahlberg posted a cast video while in uniform

Wahlberg posted a video of himself next to co-stars Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, Will Hochman among others. Wahlberg and Hochman, who play Danny Reagan and Joe Hill, respectively, are wearing blue police uniforms, while Estes and Ray, who play Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko, are shown wearing white shirts.

This got the fan theory machine going, with many suggesting that Jamie and Eddie are wearing white because they eventually get promoted to lieutenant. Danny and Joe, meanwhile, are in blue because they are ranking detectives. It makes sense, and is definitely the kind of big change that would occur at the tail end of a show.

Fans think the uniform colors reveal finale spoilers

Family Matters
“Family Matters” – Danny and Baez investigate a case of grand larceny tied to feuding crime families when the gifts are stolen during a mob wedding. Also, Frank clashes with Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) when an influx of immigrants arrive in the city; Erin questions whether her district attorney campaign is compromising her day job; and Eddie enlists Jamie’s help to bust a drug dealer responsible for fentanyl overdoses in order to comfort a grieving grandfather (Larry Manetti), on BLUE BLOODS, /

The second theory proposed by fans was that the Reagan clan are dressed up because they are attending a funeral or a retirement party. Both are certainly possible, but we really hope the former isn't true. Given that Frank Reagan (Selleck) is the big omission in the group photo, he'd be the most likely candidate.

That being said, Blue Bloods showrunner Kevin Wade has already shot down the notion of Frank retiring while the show is still on the air. “I’m pretty sure that Frank would stay in his job until the series ended," he explained to TV Insider. "We didn’t really pursue that avenue because the show is built on him being the police commissioner of New York City."

What do you think Wahlberg's IG post suggests?

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