Fire Country adds two more cast members ahead of season 2

Fire Country is making some exciting additions to the cast.
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Fire Country is continuing to make big moves. The firefighting drama was one of the surprise hits of 2023, and instead of rest on its laurels for season 2, it's decided to add several new cast members to the mix to keep things exciting.

Deadline has confirmed that Tye White and Jason O'Mara will be joining Fire Country in season 2, and both will play crucial roles in the narrative direction of the show. Interestingly, they will be on different sides of the law.

Tye White and Jason O'Mara joining Fire Country season 2

Tye White
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White will play Cole, a prison inmate who just so happens to be the cellmate of Bode (Max Theirot). He's a former MMA fighter who's made some tragic mistakes in his past, but is striving to become a better person. White is the first new actor to be on the inmate side instead of the firefighter side of the show, so we're excited to see how he interacts with Bode.

Conversely, O'Mara will play a firefighter named Liam. He's a former colleague of Bode's mother, Sharon (Diane Farr), and possible even a former romantic partner. The flirtatiousness of the new character will likely cause some interesting tension between Sharon and Vince (Billy Burke).

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Fire Country has teased the notion of introducing the lead of their upcoming spin-off in season 2, which has led some fans to question whether White or O'Mara are the lead in question. This does not appear to be the case, however, as the spin-off is said to be about sheriffs.

White will play an inmate and O'Mara will be a firefighter

Jason O'Mara
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The news of White and O'Mara's casting comes right on the heels of Rafael de la Fuente joining the show. Similar to O'Mara, de la Fuente will be playing a firefighter/paramedic who strikes up a bond with Gabriela Perez (Stephanie Arcila), and presumably causes some romantic issues for Perez and Bode.

The name of the game with season 2 is surprise. Tia Napolitano told Deadline that she's eager to delve further into the world that season 1 established, and provide viewers with perspectives and story developments that they did not see coming:

""I feel energized, and honestly, Season 2 is not a continuation of Season 1. It’s the next chapter, and I think, having had a rest from Season 1, we feel like we’re ready to come back even stronger and shock everybody from the second the episodes start to air when we’re finally out there.""

The addition of several talented newcomers will certainly go a long way in guaranteeing that season 2 feels like fresh. We can't wait!

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