Get to know Chicago Fire's new paramedic: Wesam Keesh

Get to know Chicago Fire's newest addition: Wesam Keesh, who joins the show as 51's new paramedic!
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When Kara Killmer left Chicago Fire, we knew it would mean a new paramedic would be coming to 51 and we finally met her replacement in the seventh episode of the season with the introduction of Wesam Keesh as paramedic Jared Lennox.

It’s not clear how long Keesh will be sticking around and his debut definitely left fans with mixed feelings as he didn’t exactly click with Violet and undermined her left and right on calls, questioning her leadership. We’ve seen others get off to a rocky start when first coming to 51, so there’s no telling how things might go and whether Lennox will turn around or if he’ll be a temporary replacement for Brett before NBC brings in a new paramedic to join Violet. 

We’re still learning about Lennox, but the actor behind the character is no stranger to the Wolf Entertainment franchise and actually appeared in a number of episodes of another hit series in the franchise before coming to Chicago Fire.

Wesam Keesh was on Law & Order: Organized Crime

Wolf Entertainment has a history of working with the same talent across shows and that’s indeed the case with Wesam Keesh, who previously starred on Law & Order: Organized Crime before joining the Chicago Fire cast. 

Keesh appeared in 10 episodes of Organized Crime, originating the role of Adam “Malachi” Mintock in the second episode of season 2. Adam was a hacker who created an app for the Kosta Organization and ended up working with the Organized Crime Control Bureau to help track down a dangerous cybercriminal after he broke out of prison. 

Keesh’s final episode on teh show was the season 2 finale, but it seems Wolf Entertainment saw something in the actor and decided to cast him on Chicago Fire making him the latest in a long list of actors to jump around from various Wolf Entertainment shows playing different roles.

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Wesam Keesh’s past roles include For the People, Good Girls and Chicago Justice 

In addition to appearing on Law and Order: Organized Crime, Keesh also appeared in one episode of Chicago Justice back in 2017 meaning Chicago Fire is the third Wolf Entertainment series Keesh has starred in. 

Keesh has appeared in a number of series in smaller roles including Good Girls, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Equalizer, and Echo. 

Outside of Law and Order: Organized Crime, Keesh’s most notable role was as Jay Simmons in ABC’s legal drama For the People which might have only lasted two seasons but featured an amazing cast that included Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page!  

Wesam Keesh fun facts

Want to know more about Chicago Fire’s newest cast addition? Here are some fun facts about Wesam Keesh to help you get to know 51’s new paramedic! 

  • Birthday: October 3, 1987
  • Age: 36
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Instragram: @wesamkeesh
  • Hobbies:  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and serene nature hikes in the mountains.
  • First Role: Omar Hassan in The Mentalist
  • From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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