Here's why Chicago Fire newcomer Jocelyn Hudon looks familiar

The Canadian actress has an impressive resume of TV roles!

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Chicago Fire has a new medic named Lyla Novak, and we're hoping this one stays around! She seems like a big improvement over the last couple medics who have rolled through Firehouse 51, even if she got a little too flirty with Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) for the comfort of her boss, Violet (Hanako Greensmith).

Novak's addition has happened very quickly, as the news of her casting and addition to the show broke mere days before her debut episode, "Something About Her," aired on NBC. The character is brand new, but the actress who plays her, Jocelyn Hudon, is likely familiar if you're a frequent TV watcher.

Jocelyn Hudon has a stellar TV resume

Jocelyn Hudon
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Hudon has been an actress for a little under a decade, but she's managed to land roles on some of the most popular procedural shows on the air. She had never appeared in a Dick Wolf production prior to joining Chicago Fire, but she's checked off every other box on the procedural TV checklist.

Hudon played Elizabeth Wise on an episode of Criminal Minds and a character named Tiffany on an episode of 9-1-1. Both aired in 2020, and proved that she was more than capable of tuning into the frequency needed to convincingly navigate TV emergencies. Hudon also appeared on an episode of the short-lived spinoff The Rookie: Feds in 2023.

Some of Hudon's other notable TV credits include single-episode stints on The Irrational and the acclaimed FX comedy Dave. Her most significant role, in terms of screen time, is undoubtedly her stint as Grace Bennett on the period drama When Hope Calls between 2019 and 2021.

She previously appeared on Criminal Minds

Jocelyn Hudon
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Hudon is constantly striving to expand her acting abilities, as she noted in a 2019 interview with My Devotional Thoughts. In her estimation, there's always something to be gained from each new acting experience:

"I always knew I wanted to be an actor. I learned as I went.. and am still learning. I did a few acting classes when I started, but I find I learn the most from being on set."

We're excited to see what she brings to Chicago Fire as it gears up for season 13!

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