Is Stella Kidd pregnant on Chicago Fire? Season 12 reveal, explained

Things are going to be very different for these two moving forward.
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Red Flag" Episode 12007 -- Pictured: Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Red Flag" Episode 12007 -- Pictured: Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC) /

There was a lot that went down in the Chicago Fire season 12 finale. Characters argued, some got promoted, and others, hinted at the possibility that they'll be starting a family in the near future.

We've already talked about the dramatic exit of Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker), but the beat that has most of us perplexed is the one involving Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). Is she pregnant?? It may sound like an odd question, but the show took an interesting route, and alluded to the pregnancy in the episode without coming right out and saying it. Let's unpack this so-called "reveal."

SPOILERS ahead for Chicago Fire season 12 episode 13

The big bombshell came during the scene in which Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) approaches his wife. The character has historically been reluctant to take the plunge and become a father, but he completely changed his tune during the finale:

" I was thinking that maybe, we start a family. I know at first, at least, it's a bigger decision for you."

Kidd is completely taken aback by this, and says as much. "I wasn't expecting that," she admitted. Severide admits he hasn't been as gung-ho about the idea in the past, but reveals that it's been on his mind a lot lately. "I know," he conceded. "Kinda flew out of my mouth but I've been thinking about it."

Stellaride added another member to their family in the finale

Chicago Fire - Season 12
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Inside Man" Episode 12011 -- Pictured: Michael Bradway as Damon -- (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC) /

There's been some online chatter about the possibility of Kidd already being pregnant, but Chicago Fire would not have let such a bombshell go without the fanfare of a big season finale reveal. The way the two characters talked about it, and the way the writers have been subtly hinting towards the start of a Stellaride family suggests that parenthood is something we will get to see play out in season 13.

The Stellaride family did get bigger during the finale, however. Jack Damon (Michael Bradway), the rookie who seemingly had a bizarre obsession with Severide, revealed that he's the character's half brother. It will completely shift the dynamic of the show moving forward, and truth be told, Damon's timing couldn't be better.

It sounds like the Stellaride baby is going to have an uncle who also works at 51!

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