Kara Killmer posts throwback photos from her Chicago Fire debut

The actress is getting nostalgic ahead of her final season on the firefighting drama.
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Hold Our Ground" Episode 810 -- Pictured: Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett -- (Photo
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Hold Our Ground" Episode 810 -- Pictured: Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett -- (Photo /

Sylvie Brett is winding down her time on Chicago Fire. The character made some big life decisions in the season 11 finale, and there's a good chance that she will kick off season 12 by getting engaged to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer).

It's been exciting to watch Brett develop throughout the show, and the last season, in particular, but it's been confirmed that the character will be leaving at some point during season 12. Unsurprisingly, actress Kara Killmer is getting nostalgic, and taking to social media to post previously unseen photos of her Chicago Fire debut.

Kara Killmer recounts her first Chicago Fire experience on Instagram

Killmer recalled meeting the real life Chicago Fire Department when she first moved to the Windy City as well as the first apartment she lived in once she was cast as Brett. The full caption reads:

""These are the very first few pictures I took, or was tagged in, when I first came to Chicago. Going up in the Squad 1 basket was my first exposure to the CFD—some of the best firefighters in the country! The view from my very first apartment was absolutely stunning and the beginning of a love affair with the gorgeous city of Chicago!""

The behind-the-scenes photos are fun to see, but the cherry on top is the inclusion of a screen grabs from Killmer's first appearance as Brett in the season 3 episode "Always." That was way back in 2014!

Killmer has definitely been experiencing the bittersweet feelings of leaving a show after almost a decade, and has taken time out to pose for photos with Chicago Fire makeup artists, as well as long time co-stars like Hanako Greensmith, Miranda Rae Mayo, and David Eigenberg.

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The actress hasn't issued any public statements regarding her decision to leave, but she did talk about the journey that her character has been on during an interview with NBC . She noted the importance of Brett figuring things out for herself before she was ready to get into a relationship:

"""She’s a hopeless romantic, but I think it's important to see her come into her own and focus on her own things. Friendships and her career, not just her love life. I’m really excited about being able to explore all of that."""

Season 11 gave Killmer exactly what she wanted in terms of growth, which seems like a perfect exit point for her character.

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