Kelly Severide (finally) takes center stage in new Chicago Fire episode

The veteran firefighter is pulling rank and we couldn't be more hyped.
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Smash Therapy" Episode 903 -- Pictured: (l-r) Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Smash Therapy" Episode 903 -- Pictured: (l-r) Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) has had a weird season 12. It was nice to get him back after the uncertainty of season 11, but the character seemingly has one foot out the door. He's taken every chance he can get to pursue arson cases and travel to advise the ATF on particularly dangerous investigations.

It appears as though Chicago Fire is going to tweak the Severide playbook during the back end of the season, however. The show may currently be on hiatus, but the synopsis for the May 1st episode has been released and it puts Severide front and center:

"Severide steps in as ranking officer at 51; Kidd fights to save her Girls on Fire programme; Cruz's family is threatened when someone from Javi's past resurfaces."

Severide will be given more responsibility

Ranking officer! Severide has spent so much of the season sidestepping his firefighting to focus on cases, so the notion of him getting down to business as 51's ranking officer is absolutely thrilling. It may be hard to remember the classic exchange Severide had during the first season, when he was asked how long he'd been a firefighter. His response: "Since the day I was born."

We're not under the impression that the writers are going to abandon Severide's burgeoning interest in arson cases, but a steady balance of firefighting and investigating may be the key to keeping the character interesting.

Severide will play a big role in the season finale

Chicago Fire - Season 12
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Port in the Storm" Episode 12006 -- Pictured: (l-r) Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC) /

Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman told TV Line that Severide is going to play a crucial role in the last few episodes of season 12. The character will reportedly go missing in episode 1211, and his relationship with his wife, Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), will be tested in 1212. In Newman's words:

"If Severide can overcome a terrifying crime in [Episode] 1211 and make it to the finale, there could be a major revelation for Kelly and Stella then. And that is all I’ll say on that!"

It's anybody's guess as to what the revelation will be, but there's definitely relief to be had knowing that Severide will be resuming his role as a Chicago Fire anchor.

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