Mark Wahlberg congratulates brother Donnie on Blue Bloods run

The Oscar nominee gives some love to Blue Bloods ahead of season 14!
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Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg are among the most successful brothers in Hollywood. They have spent the last several decades dominating film and television, with Mark doing the former and Donnie achieving the latter through Blue Bloods. It's rare, however, for the brothers to discuss each other's work.

That's what made Mark Wahlberg's recent comments so surprising. During an interview with ET, the Oscar nominee praised Blue Bloods, and the performance of his brother, Donnie, in particular:

""[Congrats], of course, to Donnie, Tom [Selleck], the whole cast! [It's] remarkable! It really is an unprecedented run. [As] somebody who's been producing television for a long time, [I know] it's not an easy feat. So, congratulations! It's quite an achievement.""

Mark and Donnie has spent the last decade as a close-knit duo, but during a 2015 appearance on Howard Stern, the latter admitted that there was a period in which they didn't speak to each other very often. The reasoning? Both were busy in their respective careers.

Mark Wahlberg called Blue Bloods a TV "achievement"

Mark Wahlberg
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"It wasn’t personal," Donnie explained. [I understand if] Mark wants to spend that day with his daughter instead of spending it with me and my wife." The thing that brought them back together was, conveniently, television. The two men agreed to star in the reality series Wahlburgers, which detailed their efforts to run a fast food franchise.

The series ran from 2014 to 2019, and featured other members of the Walhberg family, was a surprise hit on A&E. Donnie Wahlberg credited most of the success of Wahlburgers to the bond between him and the rest of the family, which is an aspect he's also proud of in Blue Bloods. In an interview with ET, the actor praised the police drama's ability to juggle crime and family concerns.

Donnie Wahlberg has teased Blue Bloods season 14 on IG

Fire Drill
“Fire Drill” – Jamie partners with the FDNY to find the arsonist responsible for a massive fire at an NYPD evidence storage facility. Also, Danny and Baez feel the ripples of the storage facility fire when all the evidence against a cartel leader Danny brought to justice is destroyed; Anthony asks Erin to let him lead on a murder case when his friend is killed; and Eddie asks Frank to put her on modified duty following her divisive arrest of an anti-cop protestor at a rally, on BLUE BLOODS, /

"I have a great cast, who’s become family, we have a great crew and so many loyal viewers and fans. It’s just unbelievable," he added. So it’s not that I feel relief as much as I kind of have to pinch myself sometimes and go, like, how did this happen? I just feel so blessed and so grateful."

Donnie has been keeping fans updated on the making of Blue Bloods season 14 on Instagram, and assures fans that they will be getting the send-off they deserve after nearly a decade and a half.

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