Who did Night Court star India de Beaufort play on Chicago PD?

She may look familiar to viewers but her stint on PD was short.
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India de Beaufort has been a television actress for over two decades, but her last series, Night Court, has proven to be her biggest yet. The reboot of the 1980s sitcom has proven to be a hit with fans, and de Beaufort's performance as Olivia is part of the reason. Something that Night Court fans may have forgotten, however, is that the actress is actually a Chicago PD alum.

India de Beaufort actually appeared in three episodes of Chicago PD, playing the character of Layla Roslyn. These episodes were during the show's second season, and detailed the different schemes that Layla orchestrated in an effort to acquire large sums of money. She was, in the narrative sense, a classic femme fatale, which is to say, she manipulated men and often left them holding the bag.

India de Beaufort appeared in Chicago PD season 2

India De Beaufort
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Layla was married to Asher Roslyn (Michael Park), a wealthy diamond dealer, who briefly employed Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) as a chauffeur. Layla was flirtatious with Dawson, who could sense that she was up to no good, and he turned out to be right, as she coerced a security guard named Terry Egan (Dillon Kelleher) to kill Roslyn.

Layla promised Terry that they would have a future together, but the latter merely proved to be a patsy for Layla, as he was convicted of Roslyn's murder. Layla got off scot-free, and inherited all the money that her husband accumulated prior to his death. The last time we see Layla, she provides Dawson with a folder detailing all of Roslyn's legal wrongdoings.

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There hasn't been any mention of the character since season 2, and the only PD officer she really interacted with, Dawson, has also be off the show for years. India de Beaufort, has, however, been vocal about how different her role on Night Court is in comparison to the dramatic parts she has played on PD and other procedural dramas over the years, and how she enjoys the change.

India de Beaufort claims TV comedy is harder than drama

Night Court - Season 2
NIGHT COURT -- "Bad Santa" Episode 208 -- Pictured: (l-r) Maria Bamford as Ghost of Christmas Present, India de Beaufort as Olivia -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/NBC) /

The actress told TV Meg that Night Court is the hardest job she's ever had:

""I think multicam, to me, is the biggest challenge, and I’m hoping to really learn and shape the way that I attack multicam. I just want to keep getting better and better and better at it. Thanks to getting to observe the people around me, hopefully I will learn from them.""

While the sitcom will undoubtedly go down as a more significant part of de Beafort's career, it's always cool to look back and take note of how many talented people cut their teeth with the One Chicago franchise before making it big.

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