What we know about Arielle Kebbel's departure from 911

Unravel the mystery behind Arielle Kebbel's departure from 911!
Fifth Season And Vertical Host A Special Screening Of "Maybe I Do"
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The anticipation for the return of 911 to our screens is at an all time high as the seventh season gears up for its debut on March 14, 2024. Amidst the excitement, fans were caught off guard by the unexpected departure of Arielle Kebbel, whose portrayal of Lucy Donato left a mark in the hearts of viewers.

Kebbel's entry into the show during its fifth season brought a fresh dynamic to the already beloved ensemble cast. However, her departure after a brief stint in the sixth season has left fans wondering about the circumstances surrounding her exit.

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At the onset of season 6, Lucy's departure from the 118 team was quite a surprise as she popped up on screen via webcam, revealing an unexpected twist. Her excuse? An ankle injury sustained during a spirited family football game necessitated her temporary absence. Not the most detailed explanation for eager fans, but fear not -- Entertainment Weekly managed to catch showrunner Kristen Reidel for some intel on Lucy's potential return:

"I don't know that we'll be seeing Lucy for a bit. But I think that we might be able to see Lucy in the back half of the season."

Kristen Reidel via EW

True to Reidel's hint, Lucy did make a comeback in the penultimate episode. However, her reunion with Buck was far from smooth sailing. Encountering each other during Buck's date with Natalia, the awkward run-in revealed Lucy's transition to the air support team post her time with the 118. Buck, clearly flustered, attempted to downplay any significance of his connection with Lucy.

While an official statement regarding her departure remains elusive, it appears Lucy's move to air support signals a substantial shift away from the 118 team. Hope isn't lost, though. There's a glimmer of possibility for future guest appearances, though nothing concrete has been confirmed as of yet.

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