Roland Buck III’s birthday: Why we love Chicago Med’s Noah Sexton

CHICAGO MED -- "Lock It Down" Episode 314 -- Pictured: Roland Buck III as Noah Sexton -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "Lock It Down" Episode 314 -- Pictured: Roland Buck III as Noah Sexton -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Chicago Med’s Roland Buck III celebrates a birthday Friday, so we’re looking back at why we love his recurring character, new resident Noah Sexton.

Today we’re saying happy birthday to Chicago Med recurring guest star Roland Buck III, who plays April’s brother and the hospital’s newest resident, Noah Sexton.

Noah was introduced early in Chicago Med season 1 as the brother of April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta), who had all of the expectations but not quite the potential.

Fans learned that their parents expected Noah to become a doctor because he’s the man, and so April put her own medical career second to helping her brother through medical school and having him achieve the expectations put upon him.

That created a narrative that we’ve seen continue all the way through into Chicago Med season 3.

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Noah has graduated medical school and is the hospital’s new resident, but he continues to lean on April for many things.

Whether it’s complaining to her that Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) is too hard on him (as he did last season) or talking about meal prep (as he did this season), Noah Sexton still very much needs his sister.

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He’s not an easy character to play, because he does a lot of frustrating things and makes a lot of mistakes. But that’s where Roland Buck III comes in.

Noah’s flaws would be insufferable if we didn’t like him. Then he’d just be a jerk who contributes nothing to Chicago Med but a headache. Where Roland Buck III is great, is communicating what Noah’s real story is: that he’s still very much learning, both as a doctor and as a young man.

We see how Noah genuinely wants to be successful, even if he keeps falling on his face while he’s trying. We see how he does care about the people close to him, like when he tries to support his crush Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) after her tires get slashed at the hospital, then again after she gets suspended. Noah screws up, but Roland makes him a loveable screwup.

And it’s because of him that Chicago Med fans can see the upside of his character. We want to see him succeed, because Roland is able to communicate his good intentions and his potential. That’s what makes his story worth it—we wouldn’t be so frustrated sometimes if we didn’t want him to be awesome. And because of who plays him, we believe that he can be awesome.

Noah has made some big strides in Chicago Med season 3, but more than that, we’ve gotten to see more of Roland Buck III in bigger moments because of Noah’s residency. He’s delivered in the major scenes he’s been given, like the one below. Here’s to hoping he keeps getting more to do and finds more to do with it in the remainder of the season, because like his character, he has a world of potential and this is just the start.

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Join us in wishing Roland Buck III a happy birthday in the comments! Keep an eye out for him as Noah Sexton in new Chicago Med episodes Tuesdays.

Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.