Sophia Bush’s episode of Alex, Inc. airs tonight


Former Chicago PD star Sophia Bush’s episode of Alex, Inc. airs Wednesday. Here are Sophia Bush photos from the episode and details on her role.

She’s not on Chicago PD anymore, but Sophia Bush will be on TV tonight—as the featured guest star on ABC‘s sitcom Alex, Inc.

In tonight’s episode called “The Cop Car,” Sophia Bush’s radio personality squares off with the title character (portrayed by former Scrubs star Zach Braff).

She plays Vanessa Stanhope, who hosts The Vanessa Stanhope Show and goes head-to-head, or is that microphone-to-microphone, with Alex Schuman when he appears on her program.

This is the first time Sophia Bush has appeared on TV since she left her role of Detective Erin Lindsay at the end of Chicago PD season 4, after which she opened up about her choice to exit the show.

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Sophia now has a contract with 20th Century Fox to develop her own projects, and has provided a voice for the Disney sequel Incredibles 2.

But for the many people who loved her as Erin Lindsay, it will be great to see her back on our TV screens.

And no, as far as we know, her character does not have anything to do with the titular cop car (as funny as that would be). Here’s the official synopsis of the episode from ABC:

"Alex’s podcast starts intruding on his family life when a private Rooni moment is revealed to the audience, while Deirdre feels neglected and gets an offer to host her own show. Will she leave for a new opportunity? Later, Ben discovers his friend Emily has a crush on him."

It sounds like Vanessa will be stirring things up for Alex and not in a great way. But it ought to be a great watch for any Sophia Bush fans, because not only are we getting to watch her on TV again, but it’s in a sitcom.

It’s an understatement to say that there wasn’t much comedy in the life of Erin Lindsay, but her alter-ego is actually quite funny. Sophia Bush previously co-starred in the CBS comedy Partners, before she arrived in Chicago. Alex, Inc. will give her a chance to show off her comedy capabilities, and considering that Zach Braff is known for comedy, she has an excellent co-star to work with.

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Below is a selection of Sophia Bush photos from Alex, Inc. courtesy of ABC. Check them out and then tune into ABC at 8:30 p.m. ET tonight to see her entire episode:

Sophia Bush
Sophia Bush /

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Watch Sophia Bush in Alex, Inc. on ABC tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET. For more Sophia Bush news, check out her category at One Chicago Center.