Chicago Med season finale: Producers preview the end of season 3

CHICAGO MED -- "The Tipping Point" Episode 320 -- Pictured: Norma Kuhling as Dr. Ava Bekker -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "The Tipping Point" Episode 320 -- Pictured: Norma Kuhling as Dr. Ava Bekker -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Chicago Med executive producers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider tell One Chicago Center what to expect from tomorrow’s Chicago Med season finale.

With the Chicago Med season finale on the horizon, we’re wondering how all of the hospital’s complicated storylines are going to end—so we went right to the source to find out.

One Chicago Center sat down with Chicago Med showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider to ask them about the season’s biggest stories, and get clues about what kinds of developments are in store for each of those plots during tomorrow’s finale.

Find out what Diane and Andrew had to tell us below, and then make sure you tune in for the Chicago Med season finale tomorrow night!

One Chicago Center: The main plot of the season finale is this conjoined twin surgery that audiences have been hearing about for weeks. Now that it’s finally here, what can we expect from that?

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Diane Frolov (DF): It’s an emotional story with the parents and the possibility of losing one or both children during this operation.

Andrew Schneider (AS): It’s a very strong story for Dr. Rhodes [Colin Donnell], Dr. Bekker [Norma Kuhling], Dr. Latham [Ato Essandoh] and Dr. Frisch [returning guest star Emma Duncan]—it’s all hands on deck. It’s a very rare and difficult and complex surgery. For Chicago Med, which is this great medical center, it would be the kind of case they would take on because they have these specialists.

OCC: Let’s talk about Connor specifically. There’s a portion of fans who aren’t thrilled with him this season. Can you talk about his arc?

AS: He grew. People change.

DF: He was very broken up.

AS: He lost his relationship; he was very attached to Robin [Mekia Cox] and that didn’t work out. So for a while he was not going to get involved, and then he has this relationship with Ava Bekker. They both have this push-pull thing; they’re torn between their attraction to one another but there is competitiveness with one another.

DF: We were purposeful in taking him through this evolution.

OCC: Speaking of difficult characters, the Chicago Med season finale also has Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) learn some “troubling” details about Reese’s father. How much worse can this get, as it’s already pretty bad.

AS: It gets bad. It gets really bad. What we’re trying to do in these stories with family members is create as much impact on our regulars. In this case it’s Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese [Rachel DiPillo], deeply affected by her father.

OCC: What was the thought process in keeping Robert around this long? Because he’s such a frustrating character that it would’ve been understandable to get rid of him after an episode or two.

DF: Actually, from a writing point of view, he’s kind of a fun character to write. It’s because he just doesn’t have the same editorial consciousness as most people do and most characters do. We were always thinking of him and Dr. Charles to play this very subtle chess game.

AS: Over the fate of Dr. Reese.

OCC: Something that Chicago Med season 3 has brought up a few times is the idea that Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) could be in trouble. Is that something that’s addressed?

AS: She’s put in a very difficult position at the end of the finale.

OCC: Which is interesting because the series started with her opening this brand-new ED and being very happy about it, and now two seasons later there’s all this financial trouble and she could be fired. How differently do you see the hospital now, than you did in the first season?

DF: We were focusing on the finances definitely more this year, because we feel that’s a real issue for all of us and we just wanted to bring attention to that. So it is different in that way.

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OCC: Last but certainly not least, we also have plots going with both Chexton and Manstead leading into the finale. Where will each of Chicago Med‘s current couples end up in this last episode?

DF: We’ve seen April’s [Yaya DaCosta] POV about her family and Ethan’s [Brian Tee] POV about his family, so those two families do come into conflict.

AS: And they are affected in the last episode by Ethan’s sister [returning guest star Arden Cho]. I’m not going to say how, but she affects them. We have a big Will-Natalie [Nick Gehlfuss and Torrey DeVitto] story in the finale, which involves both a medical case and their relationship.

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Chicago Med airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.