One Chicago needs to cast these actors

Robert Patrick recently starred in CBS's Scorpion. Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS.
Robert Patrick recently starred in CBS's Scorpion. Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS. /
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Benjamin Hollingsworth stars in CBS’s Code Black. Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS. /

3. Benjamin Hollingsworth

CURRENTLY: Dr. Mario Savetti on CBS‘s Code Black, which was canceled after three seasons. The series finale airs July 18.

SHOULD MOVE TO: Chicago Med or Chicago PD

WHY WE LIKE HIM: Benjamin Hollingsworth has quietly been one of Code Black‘s best actors over the show’s entire run. His Dr. Mario Savetti is a fighter, who came into the show with a chip on his shoulder and continues to battle for his patients and colleagues throughout. He’s done wonderful things with the character, and One Chicago would benefit from an actor of his caliber, who’s still getting better as he goes.

Hollingsworth is an incredibly versatile actor who could shake up any One Chicago show, and he has lots of experience playing the foil. If Chicago Med really wants someone for Colin Donnell to butt heads with in a stronger rivalry, they could bring him in; he’s done that in the first season of USA‘s Suits with Patrick J. Adams.

At the same time, that challenging quality would also work over on Chicago PD. Intelligence is all about doing whatever it takes, and Benjamin Hollingsworth has the grit that show requires. Either as a cop or as another ASA—since Steve Kot seems to be missing and Anna Valdez may not be back given that Monica Barbaro has a new series—he’d fit right in. Hollingsworth played an ADA on FOX‘s Backstrom, so whatever role he’s offered he can handle.

And One Chicago needs to find a place for him because he’s a performer who would immediately elevate the franchise. He’s not going to be on the market for very long.