One Chicago needs to cast these actors

Robert Patrick recently starred in CBS's Scorpion. Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS.
Robert Patrick recently starred in CBS's Scorpion. Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS. /
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Robert Patrick recently starred in CBS’s Scorpion. Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS. /

4. Robert Patrick

CURRENTLY: Agent Cabe Gallo on CBS‘s Scorpion, which was canceled after four seasons.


WHY WE LIKE HIM: If Chicago PD is determined to replace Alvin Olinsky (which we think is not a good idea), then Robert Patrick should be the first and only choice. Like Elias Koteas, he has the experience, the veteran presence, and the seen it all personality. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Robert Patrick and Jason Beghe in scenes together?

Patrick’s recent resume just completely lends itself to joining One Chicago’s detective squad. He just finished four seasons playing a federal agent on Scorpion and before that, was leading an elite military squad as Colonel Tom Ryan on CBS’s The Unit. Plus, this is the same actor who played the fantastic Agent John Doggett on FOX’s The X-Files and oh yeah, was the killer T-1000. What more do you want?

He would bring another experienced presence into an Intelligence Unit that just skewed a lot more youthful with Koteas’s departure. The idea of him working with Beghe or Amy Morton already has us getting excited. And Robert Patrick can play anything One Chicago wants to throw at him. He’s been one of the best villains of in film history, an upstanding FBI agent chasing aliens, and in The Unit he was sleeping with his subordinate’s wife for a while.

He’s the perfect good-bad cop that Chicago PD specializes in, so it’d be a huge missed chance if the show doesn’t grab him while he’s available, even if it’s for just a brief arc like Nick Wechsler or Michael McGrady.