Chicago Justice season 1, episode 8 rewatch: Lily’s Law

CHICAGO JUSTICE -- "Lily's Law" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Joelle Carter as Laura Nagel -- (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)
CHICAGO JUSTICE -- "Lily's Law" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Joelle Carter as Laura Nagel -- (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC) /

Look back at where Chicago Justice began this summer. Read our retrospective as we rewatch Chicago Justice season 1, episode 8.

Over the One Chicago summer break, we’re looking back at where it all began by rewatching the first seasons of our shows—and today we’re revisiting Chicago Justice season 1, episode 8.

If you want to rewatch this episode along with us, you can find Chicago Justice season 1 on iTunes and DVD.

Episode eight is called “Lily’s Law” and after two episodes focusing on past cases that didn’t pan out, this brings the show back to a killer that the State’s Attorney’s Office doesn’t already know.

When a juror delivers a guilty verdict and then is found dead, the assumption is that she must have been killed in a retaliation hit. While that would’ve been a fine episode of its own, it’s not a huge spoiler to say that’s not at all what this installment is actually about.

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“Lily’s Law” takes a hard right turn and delves into the victim’s personal life, as it turns out that she was killed by someone much closer to home.

The parade of recognizable guest stars continues, too, as the episode brings in Jordan Belfi (who played Adam Davies in Entourage and Congressman Reed on Scandal).

But the real value of this episode lies less in the dramatic storytelling and more in the issue that it’s trying to get One Chicago fans to discuss.

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The biggest strength of Chicago Justice was that it told fictional stories that actively prompted a discussion about real issues. It wasn’t just creating plots that used timely subjects; it crafted scripts in such a way that the show pushed the viewers into looking at what it was actually talking about. “Lily’s Law” is one of the best examples of that, because it ventured out onto a limb.

The idea of holding someone responsible for their behavior in the virtual world is still relatively new, compared to other topics the show tackled. And as the episode shows, it’s not easy to deal with in the legal system either, because you’re talking about what’s essentially intangible. A text message is less impactful to a jury than a smoking gun.

But “Lily’s Law” wades out into those uncertain waters, and without giving away any plot spoilers, it becomes a much more complicated and moving story than the episode first appears to be. There is also some more fine work from Philip Winchester as, for the third week in a row, we get some vital backstory for Peter Stone.

This isn’t as big a Chicago Justice episode as the two that preceded it, but maybe that’s the point. It’s one that’s a little unknown, a little scaled back, and that makes it surprisingly poignant. Give it a second watch on iTunes and DVD.

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