Chicago Fire season 6 by character: Sylvie Brett

CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Strongest Among Us" Episode 620 -- Pictured: Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Strongest Among Us" Episode 620 -- Pictured: Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC) /

How was Chicago Fire season 6 for your favorite character? In this retrospective profile, we look at how Chicago Fire treated Sylvie Brett this season.

As we continue to look back on Chicago Fire season 6, we’re breaking down the season for each of the show’s characters.

Did your favorite character have a good season or a bad season? What were their strong points and were there any weaknesses? Was the character affected by the show’s writing, or vice versa? Where could they go from here?

Check out our detailed character breakdown, and let us know your thoughts on how this season was for each character in the comments.

In this profile, we’re looking at Chicago Fire‘s upbeat paramedic Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer.

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The sixth season hit Sylvie Brett with a couple of big punches. She welcomed her hometown friend Hope Jacquinot (Eloise Mumford) to Chicago, only for Hope to cause trouble at the firehouse that Brett felt like she was personally responsible for.

Then while Brett was on again, off again, on again and ultimately off again with ex-boyfriend Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda), she went on a date with a man who happened to be married—then thought she might be pregnant with Antonio’s baby (she wasn’t).

Brett ended the season having a breakdown after a patient died in front of her.

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Sylvie Brett was a hot mess in Chicago Fire season 6. It felt like the show had no idea for how it wanted her personal life to go—it teased us with a Brettonio reunion that really wasn’t, had her date a married man, saw her try to hit on a Hazmat officer, gave her a pregnancy scare, and also had her oblivious to ex-boyfriend Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) developing renewed feelings for her. This all happened in the same season!

It almost feels not fair to Brett, because she keeps getting put into these different plotlines, but they don’t last. Even the Hope story wound up being more about Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) than her. But that will almost certainly change; see below.


With Sylvie Brett now the senior paramedic following the exit of Gabriela Dawson, ostensibly that has to mean more character development and screen time for her. She’s the veteran now and the senior partner, not the junior one. This is her time to step up and not only help the new team member who’ll be riding with her, but generally become a bigger part of the show, too.

But what deserves to be cleared up is her love life. Whether or not you’re a Brettonio shipper, it felt like a letdown that the show teased that pairing getting back together, and then they really didn’t. They ended up having sex a few times, there was a pregnancy scare, and Antonio agreed to a blind date with another woman. Both characters deserve to be clear—either get back together or don’t.

In every respect, Chicago Fire season 7 can be a springboard for Brett, if the show makes the most out of a post-Dawson season to develop Brett further.

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What did you think of Chicago Fire season 6 as it relates to Sylvie Brett? Let us know how you’d evaluate her season in the comments.