Chicago Med’s Marlyne Barrett celebrates her birthday

CHICAGO MED -- "Best Laid Plans" Episode 313 -- Pictured: Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "Best Laid Plans" Episode 313 -- Pictured: Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Chicago Med’s Marlyne Barrett celebrates her birthday today, so we’re celebrating her and her character, Chicago Med’s nurse Maggie Lockwood.

Today we’re saying happy birthday to Chicago Med star Marlyne Barrett, who portrays the hospital’s indomitable charge nurse Maggie Lockwood.

It’s no surprise that the show quickly promoted Marlyne Barrett from recurring player to series regular, because Maggie is a key part of what keeps the hospital running. In fact, that’s her job, to keep everything together.

The third season didn’t feature a lot of her, but when it did, it was a very tough season for her. She agreed to rekindle things with her ex (guest star James Vincent Meredith), only to learn that he had been keeping a secret from her.

And then she crossed a professional line to save a patient, which almost resulted in her being fired from the hospital.

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But in all of that drama, One Chicago fans were given a reminder of how great Marlyne Barrett is, and how Chicago Med wouldn’t be the same without Maggie.

Marlyne was spot on as a woman who not only got her heart broken personally, but then also was near heartbreak professionally. Audiences saw and felt all that Maggie was going through—her shock, her fear, her pain and disappointment.

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At the same time, we got another serving of what we love most about Maggie: her fierce devotion to every patient that comes through the door, no matter who she has to fight on their behalf.

Maggie might have broken a rule this year by performing a procedure that a nurse isn’t supposed to do, but in doing so, she saved the life of a patient who would have died otherwise. And she never apologized for that, even when it looked like she’d lose her job for that decision. She knew what she did was ethically right, even if it was legally wrong.

Even with the personal problems that she was going through, Chicago Med season 3 showed us a Maggie Lockwood who never let that affect her commitment. Even during the one episode where she was suspended, she still tried to look out for one of the hospital’s regular patients.

That’s Maggie. She does everything she can for the hospital, whether it’s taking care of patients or putting doctors in their place when they need a bit of a wake-up call. And that’s also what’s great about Marlyne. She plays the character with such strength and grace, making the audience feel as if they’re part of Maggie’s family.

Hopefully the new season of Chicago Med will be better to Maggie. But whatever happens, it’ll give us another great performance from Marlyne Barrett. Happy birthday, Marlyne!

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Join us in wishing Chicago Med‘s Marlyne Barrett a happy birthday in the comments and on Twitter! Then don’t miss her as Maggie Lockwood when the show returns later this month.