Why Monica Raymund must return in Chicago Fire season 7

CHICAGO FIRE -- Season: 6 -- Pictured: Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- Season: 6 -- Pictured: Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/NBC) /

Will Monica Raymund return in Chicago Fire season 7? Here’s why Chicago Fire absolutely must bring Gabriela Dawson back in the new season.

When Chicago Fire returns this month, it will be without Monica Raymund. The actress chose to leave her role as Gabriela Dawson after six seasons, citing a desire to move on to new projects and prompting a cliffhanger with Dawson headed out of Chicago.

Ever since then, fans have been asking if she’ll return to wrap up Dawson’s story in Chicago Fire season 7, which starts Sept. 26.

While there’s been no official word that Monica Raymund is coming back (or that she isn’t), the best possible move for everyone involved is for her to return for at least one more episode in the new season.

Raymund’s decision to move on from Chicago Fire was completely understandable, and one could say even somewhat expected.

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She has more than one thing she wants to do with her career, and after more than 100 episodes, many actors would be wanting to do something new.

She gave the One Chicago franchise several years of hard work—and a lot of work, since Gabriela Dawson has always been such a prominent character. She’s not starring on Chicago Fire anymore, and it’s time to accept that and get excited about whatever she does next.

But because of the circumstances under which she left, having her guest star for even an episode would be invaluable—and kind of necessary.

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Gabriela Dawson didn’t get a definitive ending. It’s been confirmed that she took the job in Puerto Rico, but that still leaves all kind of questions about her future.

Furthermore, the show’s decision to keep her and Casey in a long-distance relationship is also a big question mark. Dawson as a character, and Monica Raymund as the actress who gave so much to that character, deserve better than having Dawsey’s ultimate fate be played out off-screen.

Raymund’s situation is somewhat similar to that of Sophia Bush on Chicago PD, in the sense that the actress wanted to leave, and the character’s last scene was a cliffhanger.

But with Erin Lindsay, it was easier for Sophia Bush not to come back, because her exit had been somewhat foreshadowed in the previous episodes. Chicago PD had already broken up Lindsay and Halstead (although Halstead was still ready to propose), and Lindsay had a clear job offer in New York that was obviously permanent.

Dawson’s opportunity in Puerto Rico was presented as a temporary one, and she’s very much still married. She needs to have a definitive ending.

And Monica Raymund needs to be present to give Dawson, and Dawsey, that last important note of closure. She’s what gives that meaning, and emotion, and makes it real. You can’t accomplish much with a phone call or some explanation about what happened off-screen.

What really works is an actor’s performance, and it’s needed considering what’s at stake. There are two big things happening here—Dawson leaving Chicago, and Dawson and Casey presumably ending a relationship that’s been building since the first episode.

There isn’t a better way to do justice to those two major changes than to have Monica Raymund on screen, conveying what they mean to Dawson and what her character is going through. If she truly isn’t interested in coming back to Chicago Fire, then that’s her choice—but if she is willing and able, she needs to be a part of Chicago Fire season 7.

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