Chicago Fire season 7: Predictions about the new season

CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Strongest Among Us" Episode 620 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Yuri Sardarov as Otis -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "The Strongest Among Us" Episode 620 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, Yuri Sardarov as Otis -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC) /

What’s going to happen in Chicago Fire season 7? One Chicago Center makes its predictions about what’s ahead in the new Chicago Fire season.

The new season of Chicago Fire is coming to NBC in just over a week, which means it’s time for our annual pre-season predictions of what to expect from Firehouse 51!

When we left off, the first One Chicago show gave fans plenty of things to speculate about. The department elected a new fire commissioner, only for the show to reveal that Carl Grissom (Gary Cole) had been lying about his success for years. Plus, the franchise’s first couple appeared to be on the rocks, with yet another cliffhanger ending.

So we’re predicting what’s coming up in Chicago Fire season 7, based on what we’ve learned over the summer and what we know about the show over the past six seasons. Will these possibilities make you more excited about the upcoming season?

Here are our Chicago Fire predictions:

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1) The new paramedic will fit in quickly

With the departure of Monica Raymund, Chicago Fire cast Annie Ilonzeh to play the team’s next paramedic, Emily Foster. And though the recent sneak peek saw Foster make an awkward entrance, it won’t be long until Firehouse 51 makes her part of the family.

Ilonzeh is credited as a recurring guest star, but it’s pretty clear that she’s eventually going to become a series regular. Someone has to fill that seat on the ambulance permanently, and unless Foster really doesn’t click with the audience, writing her out later like Jason Kannell or Scott Rice would just be a big waste of time.

To that end, it’s in Chicago Fire‘s best interest to make the audience like Emily Foster—so we predict the first few episodes of season 7 are going to do everything possible to make Foster look good.

If the episodes have her impress Firehouse 51 and earn a spot on the team, in theory, then the fans should also be impressed and embrace her character, making it easier for the show to move forward.

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2) Dawson and Casey break up early

Many people were taken by surprise at not only the announcement that Monica Raymund was leaving, but that Chicago Fire season 7 is going to keep Dawson and Casey together despite her not being on the show anymore. We predict that won’t last long.

A long-distance Dawsey relationship just isn’t feasible for a number of reasons. And as popular as Dawsey is, there’s every reason for the show to put an end to the ship sooner rather than later. It’ll need to create new stories for Casey, and how can he take on a new plot—not even necessarily a romantic one, but any new chapter—if part of his character is tied up in an existing one?

Plus, Chicago Fire season 7 can’t live in Gabriela Dawson’s shadow. Fans will already be trying to adjust to Monica Raymund not being around anymore, and continuing to string out the ship is just going to feel like a massive tease—since we don’t know if or when she will ever come back. Fans can’t be kept waiting for something that might never happen.

Dawsey are going to break up, and we expect they’ll be over before the midseason finale.

3) Cruz will get a new love interest

Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) had a terrible season last year, from suddenly re-developing a crush on his ex-girlfriend Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) to sleeping with another now-married ex. But never fear, Cruz fans, because we predict things will look up for him soon.

During the hiatus, Chicago Fire season 7 hired Kristen Gutoskie to play a new character, and the description of her character said that she’ll be taking an interest in one of the house’s firefighters. Well, Cruz is pretty much the only option there.

Fans would riot if Chicago Fire tried to set Casey up with someone else so quickly. Severide is now in a relationship with Stella, Mouch and Herrmann are both happily married, and Otis fell in love last season with Lily. There’s not a single man in Firehouse 51 except Joe Cruz. Let’s just pray that this new arrival turns out better than Hope.

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What do you think is going to happen in Chicago Fire season 7? Leave your own predictions in the comments, and don’t miss the season premiere in less than two weeks!

Chicago Fire returns to NBC on Sept. 26.