Is Rachel DiPillo leaving Chicago Med?

Is Rachel DiPillo leaving Chicago Med? After Wednesday’s Chicago Med season premiere, find out if this series regular has really exited the hospital.

Did Chicago Med just lose its first original cast member?

Wednesday’s season premiere saw Dr. Sarah Reese decide to take a residency position at Baylor, leaving One Chicago fans shocked and wondering if actress Rachel DiPillo is leaving Chicago Med.

So is Reese really leaving Chicago Med? One Chicago Center asked showrunners and executive producers Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov to clarify the character’s future.

Unfortunately, that is the last One Chicago fans will see of Reese on the show for now, as Rachel DiPillo only appears in the season premiere.

“She’s a great actor and a great character,” Schneider told us, while adding that the producers haven’t ruled out writing Reese returning to the hospital should it be appropriate. “If we can find a good way to bring her back later, we’ll entertain that.”

“We wanted to leave that open so she might come back,” agreed Frolov.

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Schneider and Frolov did not tell us whether Wednesday’s plot twist was a result of Rachel DiPillo wanting to leave the show, or if she was written out.

However, there aren’t any confirmed plans to see Reese again after she decided to finish her work at another hospital.

Reese felt betrayed by Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) because he didn’t tell her the truth about her father Robert Haywood (recurring guest star Michel Gill). Robert was revealed to have survived his heart attack and was behind bars, while Reese and Charles helped the police investigate him.

Rachel DiPillo leaving Chicago Med is a somber milestone for the series. It’s the first time that a main cast member has been written out in series history. Norma Kuhling was added as a regular last season, but every other star has been part of the show since its first episode.

The most notable departure was the suicide of Dr. Jason Wheeler (Jurgen Hooper) in the second season episode “Monday Mourning” which was the first time a recurring cast member had been killed off the show.

With Chicago Med season 4 still filming, and the producers purposefully setting up an open-ended storyline, it’s entirely possible that Sarah Reese could make a comeback. But right now, as far as anyone is saying, she has left the building.

What did you think of the decision for Sarah Reese to depart from the hospital? Do you think we’ll see the character again before Chicago Med season 4 ends? Leave your reaction in the comments.