Law and Order SVU season 20, episode 8: Peter Stone highlights

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Hell's Kitchen" Episode 2008 -- Pictured: Philip Winchester as Peter Stone -- (Photo by: Virgina Sherwood/NBC)
LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Hell's Kitchen" Episode 2008 -- Pictured: Philip Winchester as Peter Stone -- (Photo by: Virgina Sherwood/NBC) /

What happened to Peter Stone in this week’s Law & Order: SVU? Find the highlights in our Philip Winchester-centric SVU season 20, episode 8 recap.

Peter Stone is dishing out Chicago Justice on Law & Order: SVU, and we’re keeping track of what happens next for his character.

Thursday’s episode was entitled “Hell’s Kitchen” and involved Stone prosecuting a celebrity chef, as well as another attorney who needed a slap on the wrist. Oh, and it was also directed by former Chicago Fire actress Monica Raymund, so it was kind of a One Chicago crossover.

If you missed any of Philip Winchester’s latest episode, or you’re a Chicago Justice fan who wants to know what Peter got up to, we’re breaking down the installment for you with the highlights for his character.

So what happened to Peter Stone in this week’s SVU episode?

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“Hell’s Kitchen” focused on a volatile celebrity chef, and not the Gordon Ramsay kind. Instead, Andrew Leibowitz looked like he hated everyone but himself.

And maybe that worked, because he was played by Luke Kirby, who also portrayed volatile comic Lenny Bruce in Amazon‘s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. He was perfectly cast in the role.

Andrew claimed he had consensual sex with waitress Kayla Morgan (Genevieve Angelson from Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt), who told detectives that it was “just how it is in the restaurant industry” and that it wasn’t rape “if I say it’s not.”

Yeah, that wasn’t going to fly on SVU.

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Peter turned up to state the obvious: if he didn’t have a complaining witness, he didn’t have a case. But he did tell Dominic Carisi (Peter Scanavino) to look into past complaints against Andrew. There are other women who tell Carisi that he assaulted them and took their underwear as a trophy.

So the natural question is, why hasn’t he been prosecuted before? Because another lawyer named Chris Hodges (guest star Jacob Pitts, Justified) declined to move forward with the other cases. Cue Peter deciding to crash Hodges’ latest sentencing hearing so he could question him personally.

"Hodges: I hope you fare better than I did."

Peter showed all three prior case files to Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), who was also taken aback by the lack of charges against Andrew. Knowing he still needed a formal complaint, Peter went to see Kayla with the new information, trying to encourage her to press charges. He even told her about the death of his sister, and how he still carries guilt.

"Peter: It’s about power, Kayla. He’s going to keep raping the women who work for him until somebody stands up and stops him."

Promising Kayla the three other victims would testify in her case, Peter convinced her to change her mind. But he still had to convince a judge to admit the past allegations into the current case. But the judge excluded all three witnesses, based on the lack of prior prosecution. A frustrated Benson told Peter he needed to go back to Hodges, because he must not have been forthcoming before.

Peter tracked down Hodges in a bar, and the other man was much less friendly the second time around, even though apparently he’d seen Peter pitch for the Cubs. But the baseball talk led Peter to uncover what was missing: that Hodges and Liebowitz grew up in the same neighborhood. And then Benson purposefully leaked that information to the media.

And then the story took another turn: a victim walked into the squad room accusing Hodges, not Liebowitz, of sexual assault.

The new complainant, Bethany Fisher, accused Hodges of assaulting her at a party when she was a teenager. The friend with her at that party told Carisi and Fin Tutola (Ice-T) she was “pretty sure” the two boys in the room with Bethany at that party were Hodges and Andrew Liebowitz.

So Benson hauled Hodges into the SVU interrogation room, where he claimed that Andrew was the one who’d attacked Bethany and he’d pushed his friend off her. No one was impressed. Too bad Peter wasn’t around for this interrogation.

"Hodges: I’m not gonna let some girl I never laid a hand on destroy my reputation."

He did, however, did get to sit in the surveillance van listening to Hodges wearing a wire as he buttered up his old friend. With just minutes left in “Hell’s Kitchen,” Andrew easily incriminated himself on the tape—and then reiterated that Hodges was the one who assaulted Bethany. The argument got them both arrested. So much for Hodges’ political ambitions.

And Peter just stood there and smirked as an irate Hodges was hauled off. No, Chris, they’re not coming for Peter Stone someday, because Peter Stone is a better man than you.

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