Chicago Med season 4, episode 11 preview: Who Can You Trust

CHICAGO MED -- "Who Can You Trust" Episode 411 -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson)
CHICAGO MED -- "Who Can You Trust" Episode 411 -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson) /

What should fans watch for in this week’s Chicago Med? Get ready for tonight’s episode with our Chicago Med season 4, episode 11 preview.

The next Chicago Med puts the spotlight on Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), but the story may not be as much about him as it appears.

Truthfully, the show ought to be digging more into Will’s return from witness protection and what that means—the midseason premiere barely scratched the surface, as he didn’t turn up until the episode was half over.

And there’s still a lot of interesting material to go through, because he shouldn’t be okay after he was almost shot to death and had to perform surgery with a power drill. Will went through a lot of scary stuff, and even he’s not tough enough to brush it all off.

But if you look at everything we know about this week’s episode “Who Can You Trust,” it’s possible Will could continue to be the supporting player in his own story.

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The sneak peek for this episode, which you can see by playing the video below, features Will’s fiancee Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) talking about how he won’t open up to her.

That’s totally expected in this storyline, but then the scene concludes with Philip (returning guest star Ian Harding) coming to talk to Natalie. So what started as a Manstead scene, instead becomes a scene with Natalie and Philip.

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And that fits into what One Chicago fans saw at the end of last week—that Will and Natalie going home together became Will looking on while Natalie was comforting Philip over the death of his wife.

It feels like Chicago Med is trying to build another love triangle—in part because that’s a common plot device across the whole One Chicago fandom.

Chicago Fire just tried one with Severide, Stella and Stella’s friend Tyler. Chicago Med had a whole square in the second season with Will, Natalie, Dr. Nina Shore and Jeff Clarke. And Chicago PD had audiences thrown when it was Jay, Erin and Jay’s surprise ex-wife that no one saw coming.

The introduction of a third wheel happens a lot in this franchise, and hopefully it’s not happening here. There’s nothing wrong with Natalie being Philip’s friend who helps him through something that she also experienced.

And Will deserves the screen time to work through his issues, that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to his relationship with Natalie. Will has to figure himself out before he explains it to his fiancee. He’s not going to have all the answers she wants right away.

Manstead is allowed to slow their roll. Chicago Med fans will be okay if they’re not the perfect pair right away; we’ve watched their relationship grow for three and a half seasons! And it would be a disservice to both Will’s and Philip’s storylines if two new stories turn into two-thirds of another love triangle, which is a type of plotline we’ve seen before.

Fans will have to keep their eyes open and see how much of Will we actually get to see tonight, and where the writers take the Natalie and Philip story next. There’s room for both, if the show is willing to let them both breathe.

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