Chicago Fire season 7, episode 12 preview: Make This Right

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Make This Right" Episode 712 -- Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Make This Right" Episode 712 -- Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris) /

Chicago Fire tells a Casey and Severide story this week. Look ahead to tonight’s episode with our Chicago Fire season 7, episode 12 preview.

The next Chicago Fire episode puts the focus on the show’s two most central characters, and that could be a pleasant throwback to the early days of what made the One Chicago franchise possible.

Wednesday’s installment “Make Things Right” is a story for Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). Casey and Severide team up at least once a season, and it’s always worth watching.

The characters are so different, but they complement each other too, which has made for this fun push-pull dynamic that helped set up the series in the first place.

They also make an interesting investigative duo; it’s a plot device that Chicago Fire has used more than once before, and would be rife for a spinoff show if the two weren’t so central to the success of this series.

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But it’ll be interesting to see if “Make This Right” is any different than the previous episodes, because of the new twist introduced at the end of last week.

Casey decided to continue living with Severide rather than find a new place of his own, because he knew that his friend and colleague needed some support with all the crazy happening in his life right now.

So will this episode show us some of their new personal dynamic in addition to them working together on this case? It could be incredibly fun for fans of Casey, Severide or their friendship.

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In a more general sense, this episode will also feel familiar because it’s another Chicago Fire installment where the firefighters and/or paramedics of Firehouse 51 think something’s amiss with a call and start their own investigation. This happens a lot on this show, and it seems to be happening more often in the most recent seasons.

The show just got out of a plotline where Casey investigated a whole trailer company conspiracy, and we’ve also had the paramedics looking into a call that turned out to be a gymnastics coach who was drugging his students. Now there’s this. It’s a bit of dramatic license, because it keeps our characters involved in each story longer, but everyone at the firehouse seems like they’re not bad at detective work.

Play the video below to watch a sneak peek from tonight’s episode and see if you think that the firefighters are doing just as much investigating as firefighting. And what do you think is the true story behind this incident?

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