Chicago Med season 4, episode 12 preview: The Things We Do

CHICAGO MED -- "The Things We Do" Episode 412 -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "The Things We Do" Episode 412 -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Will Chicago Med reunite Manstead with a tragedy? Look ahead to tonight’s episode with our Chicago Med season 4, episode 12 preview.

This week’s Chicago Med is aiming high by making its central story a helicopter crash—but will it be a big episode, or is it just a bigger way of playing along the plotlines One Chicago viewers have already seen this season?

Wednesday’s episode, “The Things We Do,” is being promoted with footage of a medical helicopter carrying Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) going down. Clearly, NBC‘s selling point for this week is Natalie’s safety and how that affects the Manstead ship.

This could be a really cool episode. If done correctly, these big disaster-pieces can be very tense and emotionally compelling, like in the second season when “Cold Front” taught us as much about the doctors as it did about the blizzard they were battling.

But if they’re not done correctly, then they wind up being awkward and feeling like the accident or disaster is just being used to manipulate the existing story.

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“The Things We Do” could go either way. It could be a wild ride, or it could be Chicago Med using the danger as a kind of deus ex machina to repair the Manstead ship before it goes any further off the rails.

Fans have already seen that happen once this season, with Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) and Dr. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling). Connor and Ava had great tension between them regarding the funding of the hybrid OR, but then Chicago Med had Ava faint during an impromptu blood transfusion and Connor forgot all about being upset with her.

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This could be another of those situations. Will is furious with Natalie after confronting her about his new mandatory counseling, but that’s obviously going to go out the window as he worries about whether or not she’s alive.

The question is, will they continue to work through and resolve their problems after the crash, or is Will simply going to apologize to Natalie for the events of the last two episodes and Manstead will magically be okay again? Hopefully it’s the former, which is more interesting and authentic than the latter.

The big plus is that he’ll be getting an assist from a few Chicago Fire characters, and hopefully we can get a lot of screen time for Taylor Kinney. Kinney played a paramedic in another NBC series called Trauma, and that show did all kinds of crazy stuff with its helicopter (and other things), so it would be a fun little nod to see Severide get a good scene or two here.

We’ll find out, but until then watch a clip from tonight’s Chicago Med episode by playing the video below and see what you think.

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