Charlie Barnett’s new series Russian Doll streaming on Netflix now

Charlie Barnett in a scene from the Netflix series Russian Doll. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.
Charlie Barnett in a scene from the Netflix series Russian Doll. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix. /

Chicago Fire alum Charlie Barnett has officially moved to Netflix, where you can stream his new series Russian Doll starting today.

If you’ve missed Charlie Barnett on Chicago Fire, you can watch his new TV series today. Russian Doll season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

Russian Doll is a darkly quirky series about a woman (played by Natasha Lyonne) who somehow keeps dying, over and over again, in New York. In her quest to find out what’s happening, one of the people she runs into is played by Charlie Barnett.

This is the actor’s first streaming project since leaving Chicago Fire, after his character Peter Mills was written out.

He joined the ABC crime drama Secrets & Lies for its second season, only for the show to then be cancelled (which likely wouldn’t have mattered anyway—it was an anthology show, so the bulk of the cast changed each season).

Barnett also had a supporting role in The CW‘s military drama Valor, which never caught on in the ratings and was cancelled after its first season.

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But with his Netflix project, audiences can enjoy the show without worrying about its ratings or if it’s going to be pulled off the air too early.

Plus, they can binge-watch it this weekend, because the entire first season can be streamed now if you have a Netflix subscription.

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The question, of course, is how much of Charlie Barnett fans will see in Russian Doll. That isn’t clear but he’s billed as part of the regular cast, so he should have at least a decent-sized role.

And based on the trailer, which we’ve included again at the bottom of this article, he’s definitely playing a very different character from Peter Mills. Why is he in an elevator plunging to certain death, and why does he not seem to care? What’s his connection to Lyonne’s character?

That’s just two of so many questions about this show. But with a few days to spend until the next Chicago Fire, consider checking out Russian Doll to support Charlie Barnett—and just to see what he’s been up to since Peter Mills left Firehouse 51.

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