Chicago Fire questions to answer: Wallace Boden

CHICAGO FIRE -- "What I Saw" Episode 715 -- Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden -- (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "What I Saw" Episode 715 -- Pictured: Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden -- (Photo by: Parrish Lewis/NBC) /

Chicago Fire season 7 has unanswered questions, including about Wallace Boden. Here’s what we want to know about Eamonn Walker’s character.

While One Chicago fans wait for the season to resume, we’re passing the time by looking at the characters with the biggest problems to resolve—including Chicago Fire‘s Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker).

We’ll break down Boden’s big issue below, then tell us what you think he should do in the rest of the season in the comments at the bottom of this article.

What’s the problem?

It’s unclear what Boden’s future at Firehouse 51 is, since Fire Commissioner Carl Grissom (recurring guest star Gary Cole) no longer seems to have a problem with him and he’s not talking about stepping back anymore. So what does Boden want now, and what will Chicago Fire do with him?

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What should he do?

Boden, as a character, doesn’t have to do anything. His job is no longer under threat, and he’s not under any apparent pressure to take a different role; that was something he was contemplating personally. He can continue to be Chief of Firehouse 51 and be fine with it.

His issue is more of a writers’ issue. Chicago Fire doesn’t have a clear direction to take him now. He had his battles with Grissom last season and at the start of this season; as of the last episode, now he seems to be quite fine with the other man.

There’s the “will he retire or take another kind of position” conversation, but the show’s already been exploring that with several of its more veteran characters, like Mouch (Christian Stolte). It doesn’t need to have the same kind of plot with Boden, too.

The show needs to find a storyline for Boden, because fans want to see more of him, and not just behind the desk in his office. What would get him out in the field more? Or present a new mystery like a case he could investigate?

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What does it all mean?

One of the strengths for Boden is that he’s not the typical TV supervisor who just sits in his office and orders other people around. He’s been able to get out into the field, fight fires, and have plots all his own. We’ve seen him get married, have a child, and do some awesome stuff. But right now, it feels like he’s spinning his wheels this season.

It didn’t help that Gary Cole wasn’t available so Grissom couldn’t spar with Boden, and then when he did come back, the show erased all that bad blood. So Boden’s basically been supporting every other character, without something for Eamonn Walker to sink his teeth into.

What about having him step in and help his firefighters more, since many of them have issues that they are struggling with outside of work? He’s the kind of guy anyone can talk to. Or give Boden a new case of his own. Remember last season with the jazz musician? That was great, and there’s room for more of that.

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