Chicago PD season 6 finale predictions

What’s going to happen in the Chicago PD season finale? Check out our predictions for Wednesday’s last episode of Chicago PD season 6.

The Chicago PD season finale is happening in days, with One Chicago fans wondering how the Intelligence Unit will get themselves out of their latest predicament.

Wednesday’s installment caps a season that feels somewhat like the last one, in that it has a season-long subplot about a nemesis wanting to take down the team. This season, it’s Brian Kelton (recurring guest star John C. McGinley), but he’s not only out for blood—he’s out to be elected Mayor of Chicago.

Don’t forget that the finale is also the last episode for Jon Seda, as he was dropped from the show by producers and won’t be returning as Antonio Dawson in season 7. So how will Antonio’s story, and the season, come to an end?

See our predictions for the season finale below, then tune in to the episode Wednesday to find out what happens.

1) There will be an eleventh-hour victory

The Chicago PD season finale is all about stopping Kelton, not only from disbanding the unit but from being elected mayor. It’s reminiscent of the Chicago Fire finale last season, where they were scrambling to keep Carl Grissom from being Fire Commissioner.

That’s an important distinction, because like that plot, there are behind the scenes things to take into consideration. Kelton can’t become mayor because the Intelligence Unit can’t be closed; otherwise there would not be a show.

And it would also require the series to have John C. McGinley available for next season, which may not be possible or could backfire. Gary Cole not being available to return to Chicago Fire made the whole idea of Grissom as Fire Commissioner not nearly as menacing as it could have been. Add the two together, and it’s hard to think Kelton winning makes any logistical sense.

Don’t be surprised if this season ends similarly to the last one, where the bad guy seems to be ahead, and then the final scene(s) involve Voight turning the tables and taking them down at the last minute.

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2) Brennan will be the game-changer

When Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan (recurring guest star Anne Heche) first appeared, she was Kelton’s right-hand woman aiming to become the next Superintendent after his election. As of last week, she is no longer either of those things.

Kelton bounced Brennan to the curb, forcing her to submit her resignation in order to avoid jail time for the things that she did to help him. At the same time, Chicago PD has spent some screen time recently trying to make Brennan more sympathetic, mostly with Voight talking to her and making clear he sees her as better than her now ex-boss.

That feels like positioning to make her relevant for the season finale. And that would certainly be a proper plot twist, if the woman who tried to engineer Kelton’s election is the one who helps Voight take him down in the end.

3) Antonio will fall on his sword

After the events of last week’s episode “Confession” it’s pretty clear how Antonio will end up being written out of Chicago PD. He’s developed tremendous guilt over the cover-up of his killing the guy who abducted his daughter, so the only question is how he’s going to go down without also having Voight and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) implicated.

Expect Antonio to willingly turn himself in, and take all the blame somehow, perhaps by trying to strike a deal for his colleagues’ safety the way Voight attempted to at the end of season 5. What’s more of a question is what he’s going to do after.

He just came back to Intelligence two seasons ago saying he wasn’t happy anywhere else, so where could he possibly end up? Because if the writers are smart, it needs to be someplace where Jon Seda can be invited back for a future guest appearance.

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