Chicago Justice’s Carl Weathers lends his voice to Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 includes the voice of former Chicago Justice star Carl Weathers, who’s reprising his role as action figure Combat Carl.

If you’re going to see Toy Story 4 this weekend, you’ll be hearing the distinctive voice of Chicago Justice alum Carl Weathers.

Weathers is one of the new additions in the latest Toy Story sequel, bringing back his character Combat Carl, an action figure who’s one-part GI Joe, one-part modeled after the actor’s iconic role in Predator.

Carl originally appeared in the first Toy Story film back in 1995, but he didn’t actually get a voice until Weathers portrayed another one in the 2013 TV special Toy Story of Terror—along with a smaller version of him, appropriately named Combat Carl Jr.

Now he’s back in the new movie, which also includes first appearances by Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Keanu Reeves (the John Wick franchise), and comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (Key & Peele).

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While we don’t know just how much screen time he has, anyone who watched Chicago Justice knows that this ought to be fantastic. Carl Weathers has a very distinctive voice, and he’s done quite a bit of voice work over his legendary career—most recently in the go90 animated series Explosion Jones.

There’s even a Combat Carl Jr. Funko Pop! figurine, for any One Chicago fans who want to have a mini Carl Weathers on their desk.

He’s not the only One Chicago actor who’s done voice work for Disney—Sophia Bush recently had a role in The Incredibles 2, while Jesse Spencer and Weathers also appeared in Phineas and Ferb.

Watch (and listen) to Weathers as Combat Carl in the below bonus clip from Toy Story of Terror, then get your tickets to hear him in Toy Story 4 starting today here.

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