Chicago Med’s Molly Bernard on Elsa, Younger and Lip Sync Battle

Molly Bernard played medical student Elsa Currie in Chicago Med season 4 and stars in Younger. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Irvin Rivera.
Molly Bernard played medical student Elsa Currie in Chicago Med season 4 and stars in Younger. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Irvin Rivera. /

Molly Bernard made waves on Chicago Med as newcomer Elsa Curry, but that’s just one side of the actress who also stars in TV Land’s Younger.

Molly Bernard grabbed everyone’s attention when she joined Chicago Med this season as medical student Elsa Curry, with plenty of brains but none of the bedside manner. But One Chicago is only one part of her very busy career.

Fans can catch her right now on TV Land‘s critically acclaimed sitcom Younger, where she’s been playing social media expert Lauren Heller since the very first season. Molly joined us to discuss the current season of Younger, her perception of Elsa, and some of the many other characters she’s taken on.

Learn more about Molly Bernard in our interview below, and catch her in another new episode of Younger tonight at 10 p.m. on TV Land. Will she be back for Chicago Med season 5? You’ll have to read and find out.

One Chicago Center: Before we get into Chicago Med, we should talk about Younger season 6, which only has a few episodes left. What are your highlights this season?

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Molly Bernard: I honestly feel this season was so fun in its entirety to shoot, because we’re so lucky. We’re six seasons in and we’re just a big family at this point.

OCC: Speaking of family, you spent a whole episode trying to make a baby into a celebrity.

MB: One of the best storylines was the baby, and acting with that baby is so fun. Nico [Tortorella] and I had such a good time shooting that whole episode where I turned Josh’s baby into a superstar. That was probably the most fun.

OCC: Lauren is such a big personality compared to what we’ve seen from you as Elsa on Chicago Med. What do you love about playing her?

MB: Lauren occupies a big space…She just kind of plows through. I think playing a character like that is so singular and it’s a joy to come back to season after season. There is a really exciting possible rekindling at the end of this season that fans will really enjoy.

OCC: What’s your take on Elsa Curry? She was such an abrasive character, but the one episode where she had a bigger role hinted at another side of her.

MB: It was pretty clear to everyone on the show that she was the smartest person in the room. [She’s an] incredibly bright student and she knows it. She’ll be the first person in the room to kind of flaunt it.So I think she has very poor social skills, but is very passionate about being the best student she can be.

She wants to go into research. She doesn’t want to go into patient care. She’s pretty emotional and this season, I think people will be interested in what she goes through.

OCC: What was it like for you to join Chicago Med season 4? How is your experience on set?

MB: It’s a real treat. I love being on a network hour-long drama and having storylines. It’s really healthy for me as an actress to get to use and flex all of my muscles. I’m also glad that I’ve encountered fans who watch both Chicago Med and Younger, and they’re like it’s crazy you’re doing both of those things. It’s very exciting.

OCC: This isn’t the first time you’ve played very different roles. Do you have other projects you’ve loved that One Chicago fans should check out while we’re waiting for new episodes?

MB: Younger was pretty much my first job out of Yale grad school. I received my MFA, and then I got Younger right out of Yale that winter. So my career is still growing and I’m so excited to do more.

I’m aching and itching to do more theater with my training. I love theater; I think it’s the most difficult and kind art form. You’re so close to the audience that you’re in it together. Hopefully I’ll do more theater.

I did a few episodes of Alpha House; I have a great little episode with John Goodman and we had such a fun time doing it. The thing I’m most proud of is my role on Transparent. I portray young Shelly, which is [the character played by] Judith Light. And a lot of people don’t know it’s me on Transparent, and I think kind of fun to be a bit of chameleon in that way.

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OCC: Plus your experience on Lip Sync Battle recently to promote Younger.

MB: Lip Sync Battle was amazing. Nico and I had so much fun; I would do it again every day. Just dressing up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and lip syncing to Barbara Streisand, it was one of the best days.

OCC: Is there anything else that Molly Bernard has in the works?

MB: I shot an independent feature last year and it’s going to run the festival circuit this year. It’s this beautiful film called Milk Water and I’m so excited to share it. It’s a film about a lost millennial girl who befriends this older gay man and becomes a surrogate for him. She’s kind of boundary-less, and she’s searching really deep to be loved, and wants to find something profound outside of herself. It’s a really good film.

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