Chicago Med season 5, episode 6 preview: It’s All in the Family

CHICAGO MED -- "It's All In The Family" Episode 504 -- Pictured: Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "It's All In The Family" Episode 504 -- Pictured: Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

What should fans watch for in tonight’s Chicago Med? Get ready for It’s All in the Family with our Chicago Med season 5, episode 6 preview.

This week’s Chicago Med should be full of explosive consequences, but will the show really reach as far as it ought to, or will it let the fans down easy?

Wednesday’s episode is entitled “It’s All in the Family,” but the family One Chicago fans ought to be concerned with is the one about to sue Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). Natalie was last seen administering treatment to a patient against his parents’ will.

Natalie has crossed the line before, but this has to be her most egregious violation yet. Doing what she’s explicitly not supposed to—while causing a huge scene in the Emergency Department since she was doing it in plain view—is the kind of behavior that would get a character fired on another medical show.

Chicago Med won’t go that far, because there’s no indication Torrey DeVitto is leaving the series. But Natalie has to face some kind of severe consequences, right?

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This is a woman whose competency has already been questioned by her boss because of her traumatic brain injury. On top of that, this is the second recent case where parents have argued with her treatment of their child. And now she gives treatment without permission?

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There should be something major that happens for Natalie. Or will the show let her off the hook because she saved the kid, in an “ends justify the means” scenario?

Maybe she needs some time with Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt). Charles and Natalie were a fun pairing to watch last season, and perhaps Charles could help Natalie work through some of her issues—whether it’s helping her continued recovery, or just addressing her need to be right all the time.

Speaking of Dr. Charles, has anyone noticed how Chicago Med has made him a bigger part of the show this season? Not only in terms of cases, but his personal life is suddenly taking up a fair bit of screen time? That’s new, and a bit unexpected since the show is focusing more on the ED and essentially got rid of the psych department by writing out Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo).

But how much will fans continue to care about Charles’ remarriage and Caroline’s latest plots of the week? Or will they eventually lose interest?

This is an episode that should say a lot about how the show wants to move forward—how it treats its characters, and what it wants to focus on. Will it take risks by giving them discipline? What’s more important, medicine or drama? And which characters and storylines will be put in the forefront? Watch and find out.

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