Chicago Fire season 8 midseason report: Christopher Herrmann

"Badlands" Episode 803 -- Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)
"Badlands" Episode 803 -- Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC) /

How has Chicago Fire season 8 gone for Christopher Herrmann? Before Chicago Fire returns, we’re reviewing the season for David Eigenberg’s character.

Before Chicago Fire comes back in the new year, we’re taking a moment to pause and look at the current season for each character. What are the important events that fans need to remember?

What plot developments have been good for each character, and which story points need to be improved? And of course, where could they go next when new episodes start in January?

Read through the below as we look at Chicago Fire season 8 as it relates to Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg), starting with:

What’s happened so far

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This Chicago Fire season has seen Christopher Herrmann dealing with the fallout from Otis’s (Yuri Sardarov) death; aside from Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso), no one has been more impacted by the loss than Herrmann.

There was the practical—Herrmann had to figure out what to do with Molly’s Bar, as Otis was one of the three owners and the person driving the bar’s expansion plans with Molly’s North. In the end, the former shut down while Herrmann sold Otis’s share in the bar to Mouch (Christian Stolte) and Trudy Platt (Amy Morton).

But there was also the emotional. Herrmann had the best scene of Chicago Fire season 8 so far, when he connected another fire to the mattress factory blaze that had taken Otis’s life.

After normal methods to get his attention failed, Herrmann confronted the company’s CEO by staging a very blunt demonstration in the corporation’s parking lot. It was another great moment for David Eigenberg, and a scene that deservedly brought audiences to tears.

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What it means

Audiences generally know what to expect from Herrmann by now. He’s excellent for comic relief, playing the frustrated straight man to everyone else’s behavior (while sometimes encouraging it too). And a couple of times a season, Chicago Fire gives him that great dramatic scene that serves as a reminder how he’s not just here for laughs.

That was the case this season. We were amused by Herrmann taking on Trudy Platt as a business partner, but we also saw a more serious side as he snapped at Darren Ritter (recurring guest star Daniel Kyri) for not leaving him during the mattress factory fire, and particularly when he was busy burning a couch in a parking lot.

That one scene summed up everyone’s grief at Otis’s death, both as characters and for the fans, and David Eigenberg was once again spot on. This is one of his best scenes, certainly his best since the monologue he got to give in the show’s 100th episode. Moments like these are why the show can never be without Herrmann.

What’s next

There’s no doubt that Herrmann will rack up more memorable moments in the remainder of the current season. Chicago Fire hasn’t really dug into how Trudy and Herrmann will get along working as partners in Molly’s; they probably will bicker hilariously, with Mouch helplessly caught in the middle.

We’ll also see more of Herrmann mentoring Ritter. That relationship has developed well since the beginning of season 7, and the writers seem to have recognized that it’s something special. As he still has a lot to learn, Ritter will probably get earfuls of wisdom from Herrmann. And maybe, in turn, Ritter could teach Herrmann a few things himself—maybe giving him advice on how to deal with a teenager, or some pop culture thing that Christopher doesn’t understand, or just learning to relax a bit more.

There will be plenty for our favorite curmudgeonly firefighter to do, the only question is when he’ll steal the show next.

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