Briarpatch trailer includes the return of Chicago PD’s Brian Geraghty

Photo: Briarpatch Final Key Art.. Image Courtesy NBCUniversal
Photo: Briarpatch Final Key Art.. Image Courtesy NBCUniversal /

USA has released the Briarpatch trailer, giving One Chicago fans their first look at the new crime drama co-starring Chicago PD alum Brian Geraghty.

Former Chicago PD star Brian Geraghty is returning to TV a new crime drama, and you can get a first look at it in USA‘s new Briarpatch trailer!

The series is based on a mystery novel by Ross Thomas, and follows private investigator Allegra Dill (played by Rosario Dawson) as she sets out to solve her sister’s murder. In order to do so, she has to return to her hometown and face plenty of people from her past.

Geraghty co-stars as Captain Gene Colder, head of the local police force, and by all appearances a model cop. However, will that perception of him change depending on what Allegra uncovers?

The actor is known to Chicago PD viewers for playing Officer Sean Roman, Kim Burgess’s partner and love interest. When Geraghty chose to leave the series to pursue other opportunities, Roman was written out as having moved to another city.

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He’s since had a supporting role as future President Teddy Roosevelt in TNT’s critically acclaimed period crime series The Alienist, though TNT had no comment when asked if he would return for that show’s new season in 2020.

Now with his role in the USA show, that would seem unlikely. However, it’s worth noting that Briarpatch is designed as an anthology, so Geraghty probably won’t be playing Colder for more than one season, either.

It would depend on if the second season would keep any similar elements—like USA’s The Sinner, which has followed Bill Pullman’s character Harry Ambrose as he probes three different cases—or move on entirely with a new story.

At least it’s good to see Brian Geraghty back on TV, and back in a genre that fans will enjoy.

He’s the third PD alum to have a new role in the new year, as Barbara Eve Harris (Commander Crowley) and Wil Traval (Sean McGrady) are part of the Netflix thriller Messiah, which premieres on New Year’s Day.

Briarpatch premieres Thursday, Feb. 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on USA. Watch the Briarpatch trailer below and give us your first impressions of Brian Geraghty’s new show in the comments.

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