Chicago Fire season 8 finale predictions: What will happen?

CHICAGO FIRE -- "51's Original Bell" Episode 820 -- Pictured: Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "51's Original Bell" Episode 820 -- Pictured: Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

What’s going to happen in the Chicago Fire season 8 finale? Check out our predictions for how the season ends in Chicago Fire season 8, episode 20.

The Chicago Fire season 8 finale is here, more than a month ahead of schedule. So what does that mean for the series? How exactly is the eighth season going to wrap up, without its originally planned wrap-up?

Wednesday’s episode “51’s Original Bell” is the season finale, but it was never intended to be the last installment. Rather, this was the last episode filmed before production shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s become the conclusion to a hectic season.

That changes things, because plotlines may be left hanging. Questions may be posed here that were meant to be answered in the three episodes that were not filmed. Or conversely, fans may see something in this episode that they love, and know it might not last. How is it all realistically going to shake out?

See our predictions for the season finale below, then tune in to the episode Wednesday to find out what happens.

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1) Severide will do a Severide thing

One Chicago fans should just start using “Severide” as a verb, because Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) is always taking matters into his own hands. That’s the case again in this episode, after a member of Squad is injured on a call—presumably the one shown in the promo.

The official synopsis for this episode uses the word “obsessed,” and with Severide that’s a particularly big word to use. What’s he going to do to help out his injured colleague? Will he be on the warpath for some kind of justice? You don’t use a word like that if he’s just showing up on their doorstep with chicken soup or something.

He’s going to get upset, and that means he’s going to do something big and outside of normal protocol. And because this is Severide, it’s almost certainly going to work out, too. He definitely colors outside the lines, but he also almost always gets results.

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2) Brett’s baby concerns aren’t over

It just feels like we haven’t heard the last of Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer)’s storyline involving her newborn half-sister. Yes, Brett convinced Scott not to give the baby up for adoption—or to drop the baby off with her—but there’s still so much that has to be navigated through. Deciding that he’s going to raise the kid is just step one.

Will we get another status update from Brett about the baby in this episode? Will Scott turn up again asking for her help with something like building a crib or changing a diaper? Will he just need someone to talk to? There are a few ways this could keep going here, and it doesn’t even have to be anything major. It just feels like the period hasn’t been put on this sentence yet.

3) We won’t miss the Chicago Fire season 8 finale cliffhanger

It’s going to feel a bit weird watching this episode, because we know that it won’t have the finale cliffhanger that audiences are accustomed to. That’s because, obviously, this was not the intended finale. So don’t expect anything like Severide potentially being killed off again, or another burning building that traps half the characters in it. This isn’t the time for that.

Having said that, we don’t expect that the lack of a traditional dramatic end is going to hurt the show any. Considering how Chicago Fire has huge calls in almost every episode, we’re still going to get at least one big emergency, maybe more than one. And having an injured firefighter will have fans biting their nails anyway. There should be enough action in this episode that it won’t need a cliffhanger to be effective.

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