Will Chicago PD bring Sean Roman back again?

Could Chicago PD revisit Roman after last season’s crossover?

Tonight is One Chicago fans’ second chance to see the Chicago PD and Chicago Fire crossover that featured the return of Brian Geraghty as Sean Roman. But will we ever see Roman again after how it ended?

Fans were elated when it was announced that Geraghty was returning to Chicago PD last season, after departing the show at the end of season 3.

He gave a great performance, too, so it stands to reason that seeing how much buzz he generated and what he brought to the table, producers may want to invite him back for an episode in season 8 or beyond.

But how plausible would another guest appearance be?

In the Chicago PD episode “Burden of Truth”, which concluded the crossover, Roman’s ex-fiancee Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) discovered that Roman had murdered the drug dealer responsible for his sister’s death.

Burgess and Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) decided to let Roman walk free, with Voight telling the other man at his sister’s memorial service that Intelligence would continue their investigation, creating plausible deniability. Roman hasn’t been mentioned since, and presumably he left Chicago again afterward.

So if Roman makes another stop in the Windy City, is he at risk of getting caught for the murder? Or would Chicago PD utilize its usual plot device and have Voight find some way to smooth things over?

Plus, what motivation would he have to come back? The reason the crossover plot worked was because it involved Roman’s sister. Now his sister is deceased, and “Burden of Truth” made clear that his relationship with his parents is pretty much toast. Unless it somehow involves Burgess, there’s not much to come back for. And even that’s negligible, as Kim made her peace with Sean by the end of the episode. She’s moved on, too.

It’s frustrating that the plot twist limits what can be done with Roman (for a number of reasons), since Squerciati and Geraghty still had excellent chemistry together, and Geraghty has gotten even better in the part than he was during the two seasons he was a regular. If this were just about talent, it would be a no-brainer to have another Roman episode in season 8.

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Another issue is that Geraghty now has another job. He’s a series regular on the upcoming ABC drama Big Sky, playing the main antagonist. That’s going to take up a lot of his time, so even if the writers had a great idea that worked around Roman’s predicament, Geraghty’s schedule would have to be worked around for him to do more Chicago PD.

All things considered, perhaps it’s best for One Chicago fans to look at Sean Roman’s return as his last episode. Audiences know that Roman got to walk free and is off living his life somewhere, and “Burden of Truth” was one of Brian Geraghty’s best episodes, too, so he gets to go out on top. That is better than another guest spot where Roman probably ends up behind bars or worse.

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