Chicago Med season 6 character preview: Crockett Marcel

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Chicago Med

CHICAGO MED — “Leave the Choice to Solomon” Episode 512 — Pictured: Dominic Rains as Dr. Crockett Marcel — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

What will Chicago Med season 6 have in store for Crockett Marcel?

With Chicago Med season 6 coming in just a few weeks, it’s time once again to preview the new season for each character and look ahead to fresh episodes.

Where did your favorite character leave off when we saw them last? What are the big facts that fans need to remember before the season premiere? Where should they go next in season 6 for the best outcome? And is that where they’ll actually end up, or what direction is the show likely to take them in based on what we know so far?

Check out our detailed character preview, and let us know your thoughts on where you’d like to see each character go and why in the comments.

In this article, we’re profiling Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains).

Where we left off

Crockett Marcel was introduced in the fifth-season premiere of Chicago Med as the replacement for Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell). That’s how it was handled in the show, too; Crockett was a night shift doctor originally but transferred to days to fill the vacancy created by Connor’s exit. Not only that, but Crockett took over Connor’s position running the hospital’s hybrid OR, too.

But chances are, most of what you’ll remember Crockett for is related to his personal life, or more accurately, the role he played in other people’s personal lives. He was the person who witnessed Dr. Natalie Manning’s (Torrey DeVitto) creepy ex put the engagement ring on her finger when she was brought into the ED in the premiere episode.

Crockett went on to develop a rapport with Natalie—the two were abducted together in one episode, then in the season finale she helped clear him of murder charges from his past in New Orleans, and the show has heavily hinted both on and off screen that the two are about to be more than friends.

That’s what Crockett attempted with April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta), who kissed him when she was upset at her fiancee Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee). Choi went on to try to fight Crockett during one episode and punched him in another, and everyone blamed Crockett, despite the fact that it was April who kissed him first. So he’s not going to win Mr. Congeniality any time soon.

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