Will Chicago Med’s Crockett and Natalie work as a couple?

Will Chicago Med’s planned Crockett and Natalie pairing succeed?

The Chicago Med episode repeating this week, “Who Should Be The Judge”, is probably where the idea of a Crockett and Natalie relationship started to gain steam.

In this episode, Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) and Crockett (Dominic Rains) are taken hostage by a pair of desperate criminals. It’s a dramatic ordeal, and at one point, Natalie fears that Crockett is dead and is incredibly emotional over someone she hasn’t previously seemed all that attached to.

Fans saw more of them on-screen together after that point, culminating in a season finale which strongly hinted at Natalie having feelings for Crockett.

Off-screen, Chicago Med‘s executive producers Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider have been fairly open about their interest in these two characters—and their potential as a romantic couple.

That makes it almost certain that when Chicago Med season 6 premieres this fall, we’ll see Crockett and Natalie start sleeping together. But just because the producers like the idea doesn’t mean the fans will like it—or that it will necessarily work within the show. So as we get a second look at “Who Should Be The Judge,” it’s worth starting to think about where this could all end up.

Viewers might not be that interested in the latest chapter of Natalie Manning’s love life. Her on-again, off-again romance with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) took up a large part of the show’s first four seasons. And considering that Crockett’s primary storyline last season was ruining the Chexton relationship, does anyone really want to see more romantic drama with him either?

The other challenge is whether or not the characters have genuine chemistry together. Writers on many TV shows have pushed characters together just to have a ship, instead of finding the match that organically makes sense. On its face, a Crockett and Natalie story looks like simply pairing up the two Chicago Med characters who are still single.

How can Crockett and Natalie make each other better? Natalie’s previous relationship with Will had a lot of arguments in it, usually about Natalie upset that Will didn’t tell her something, or over one of her very strong opinions. Crockett is a character who doesn’t talk about himself, and he also doesn’t take a lot of flak. They seem to be a terrible match in that sense.

But if Chicago Med is willing to write outside the lines a bit, the pairing does have potential. If Crockett can hold his own against Natalie, and even win a few of those arguments, that would be a welcome change from Natalie and Will’s dynamic where she usually got her way. Natalie having a partner who doesn’t come second to her, and who could bring her down a notch or two, would be good for both her and the show overall.

Plus, she’s the only character who’s expressed an interest in Crockett’s past, which is a part of the character that Chicago Med season 6 absolutely has to develop. There’s nobody else who’s at all interested in what makes him tick. While he won’t volunteer a lot of information, his making some kind of connection with Natalie would be one way to show a more human, less cocky side of him going forward.

This all has to be handled correctly, though; the characters have to make those changes and grow together. It can’t be something cliche where they just fall into bed together and immediately begin falling all over one another. Only if the writers are willing to craft a genuine, different (and likely a bit difficult) relationship does the Natalie and Crockett pairing have a future.

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