What’s next for Ethan Choi in Chicago Med season 7?

CHICAGO MED -- "Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons" Episode 608 -- Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons" Episode 608 -- Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Chicago Med season 6 was quite an interesting season for Brian Tee and his character, Ethan Choi. And that might be an understatement.

Early on in the season, Ethan was promoted to Head of the Emergency Department. While this was an exciting development for the character, it brought with it a lot of growing pains as Ethan had to learn how to navigate this new role and the tensions it created with his co-workers.

Speaking of co-workers, another challenge Ethan had to face in season 6 was adjusting to the arrival of his former mentor Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) and the many complications that came with Dean’s arrival. Although it seemed like a good fit at first, Ethan quickly found reason after reason to question Dean’s role on the team, and rightfully so thanks to Dean’s penchant for coloring outside the lines.

The season also saw Ethan dealing with several health-related setbacks as well including complications from pushing himself too hard after gallbladder surgery and his near-death experience as the season came to a close.

What will happen to Ethan Choi in Chicago Med season 7?

In the season 6 finale, Ethan was shot in the chest by one of Dean’s former patients after a surprise encounter took a turn for the worst.

Following the encounter, Ethan underwent a risky surgery and while he pulled through it seems he’ll have a long recovery ahead of him. With this in mind, Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) named Dean interim chief of the ED — which should be interesting given the concerns Ethan had with Dean as the season came to a close.

So what’s next for Ethan as we look ahead to season 7?

Considering the show made a point of naming Dean interim chief of the ED in the season 6 finale, it seems likely that Ethan will be sidelined to start the season and that we’ll find him still recovering from his injuries as the season begins.

Knowing Ethan, we imagine being forced to sit on the sidelines isn’t likely to go over well with him and it’s likely he’ll end up pushing himself to return to work as soon as possible. Helping to fuel that desire to return to work is likely going to be Dean’s role and the concerns Ethan had been developing as the previous season came to an end.

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Given Ethan and Dean weren’t on the best of terms as season 6 concluded, it should be interesting to see how Ethan is going to react to Dean’s temporary role and what type of mess Dean might leave Ethan to clean up upon his return. We also imagine once Dean gets a taste of power, he’s not going to want to hand the keys back to Ethan without some conflict.

The other interesting item looking ahead to season 7 will be how the writers approach Ethan’s romantic storyline.

As season 6 came to an end, Ethan and April (Yaya DaCosta) professed their love for one another and seemed ready to give their relationship another shot. While that should have set the stage for the pair to reunite in season 7, DaCosta’s exit from the series seems to have likely taken that off the table.

Given the final left the pair ready to start anew, it’s going to be interesting to see how the writers address April’s departure and what it will mean for Chexton fans.

One thing that is certain is that Chicago Med season 7 should be an interesting one for Ethan!

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