Is Brian Tee still on Chicago Med?

Brian Tee is nowhere to be found in season 7 of Chicago Med. The actor behind Dr. Ethan Choi has been notably absent for the first leg of the season, and the more time passes, the more confusion builds as to whether Tee is still part of the cast.

Dr. Ethan Choi has been mentioned in passing since he was injured in the season 6 finale, but there’s been no onscreen hint at when he’s slated to return to the ED. Tee has also stayed silent on the promotional front, offering little insight into his character’s status.

Fortunately, there have been some clues and statements made to confirm that Tee is still on Chicago Med. Here’s what you need to know about his character and his return.

Is Dr. Ethan Choi still on Chicago Med?

Chicago Med showrunner Diane Frolov told TV Line that Dr. Ethan Choi will reappear before the end of season 7. “We have a couple of episodes devoted to [Choi’s] physical recovery”, she said. “Then we’ll pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”

Fellow showrunner Andrew Schneider also promised that Choi’s return will coincide with the character getting over his relationship with April (Yaya DaCosta). “[He] realizes how important it was to follow her professional dream, to do this”, he added. “And he’s got so much to recover from, physically and emotionally, from the shooting, which will be part of this season going forward.”

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Narratively, Dr. Choi’s absence makes sense given the trauma he experienced at the end of last season. In terms of Tee’s career, however, his absence can be chalked up to other projects. The actor was cast in the Amazon drama Expats opposite Nicole Kidman and Saayu Blue, and the production for the show overlapped with the scheduling for Chicago Med. reported that producers were aware of Tee’s commitments and agreed to give him some time away from the show to work on Expats. His low profile as Dr. Choi will be kept up for as long as Tee needs, and then the character will be incorporated back into the ED.

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