What’s the backstory between Dylan and Carmen on Chicago Med?

Dr. Dylan Scott (Guy Lockard) has established himself as a kind and hard-working member of the Chicago Med cast. The thing is, we still know very little about him. Fans have been made are of his past as a cop, but his personal life and his past romances remain pretty mysterious.

All this is set to change in season 7. During an interview with TV Insider, showrunner Andrew Schneider confirmed that Scott is heading for a major character development that ties back to his past. “We’re going to see a romantic relationship for Dr. Scott later”, he noted, “We’re building [that].”

Here’s what you need to know about the character’s upcoming arc.

Did Dylan and Carmen date on Chicago Med?

Fans get to see more of Scott in the latest episodes of Chicago Med. A couple named Tyrell and Carmen Walker brought their son to the hospital with a broken arm, and things took a turn for the worse when Scott determined that the son also has cancer. This, of course means, that the couple are going to be spending more time at the hospital.

What makes Scott’s connection to the couple so interesting is that he has notable experiences with both of them. He arrested Tyrell when he worked as a police officer, and he used to date Carmen, which has led to some lingering animosity between him and the aforementioned husband. That’s not all.

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When Scott tells Maggie about the complicated set up, she deduces that Scott cheated on Carmen back in the day, and implies that there may still be some romantic feelings between them. Scott denies this, but Maggie scoffs and walks away before he can defend his stance.

The reveal of Scott and Carmen’s relationship raises bigger questions regarding the parentage of the latter’s son, Darius. It remains unclear when Scott and Carmen were a couple, and whether it overlapped with Tyrell’s arrest. If so, there’s a distinct possibility that Scott could be the biological father of Darius.

There hasn’t been any explicit evidence to suggest this is the case, but fans have already begun to theorize that Scott’s subplot for the rest of season 7 could involve Darius and his caring for the kid. Either way, it’s bound to add immeasurably to our collective opinion about the good doctor.

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