Is Violet leaving Chicago Fire?

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Halfway To The Moon" Episode 1020 -- Pictured: Hanako Greensmith as Violet -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Halfway To The Moon" Episode 1020 -- Pictured: Hanako Greensmith as Violet -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

Violet (Hanako Greensmith) is in the midst of a personal high and a professional low. The high comes from her blossoming relationship with Chief Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), and the low comes from the blackmail material that her relationship has given newcomer Jacobs (Caitlin Carver).

Jacobs wants Violet’s job, and the episode “Halfway to the Moon” saw her turn up the heat in terms of what she’s willing to do to get it. If she’s successful, then Violet will be transferred to another firehouse.

Here’s what you need to know about the state of Violet’s job.

Is Violet going to be transferred on Chicago Fire?

The good news is Violet hasn’t done anything wrong. She’s professional as ever, even if it doesn’t seem that way. In the aforementioned episode, Violet and Jacobs answer a call to help a struggling asthmatic, but Jacobs claims that Violet forgot to pack the necessary material in their medic bag.

Jacobs is able to rig a makeshift mask to help the asthmatic, but the show (and Violet) seem to be hinting at the possibility that Jacobs purposely took the materials out of the bag to frame Violet. This reading is backed up when Jacobs goes to Hawkins and tells him about the experience.

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When Hawkins balks at the idea of Violet not doing her job properly, Jacobs drops the pretense and goes straight to blackmail. She tells Hawkins that Violet has to go, or she’ll tell the higher ups about their relationship and get them both fired.

Violet knows she’s in hot water, and the last few episodes of season 10 will no doubt deal with the fallout of this situation. She and Hawkins will have to determine whether they are willing to put up with Jacobs’ demands, or whether they want to expose their relationship and risk punishment.

One thing we can confidently say, is that Violet is not going anywhere. Jacobs has her heart set on the medic gig, but given the turnover that we’ve seen during season 10, there’s no way the writers and showrunners would dispense with such an important character. Violet’s status within the 51 may change, but we strongly feel that she will be sticking around for season 11.

Her relationship with Hawkins, on the other hand, may not be as cut-and-dry. Fire showrunner Andrea Newman has hinted at the possibility that Violet’s feelings for Gallo may resurface, which leads us to believe that Gallo may play a role in resolving the Jacobs crisis. It would be a poetic fix, given that Jacobs tried (and failed) to ask Gallo on a date.

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